Yanni Live in Dubai


YANNI is set to return to Dubai with double impact.

YANNI is a legendary composer and live performer who has brought hundreds of millions of fans and fellow world citizens together via his concerts is all set to return to Dubai. YANNI with his full Orchestra will perform live in Dubai World Trade Centre as part of his World Tour 2013.

International touring plans for 2013 will include 2 nights of outstanding performance Live in Dubai on April 4 & 5, 2013. During the concert, Yanni and his orchestra will play favorites from throughout his career, as well as selections from his latest studio album, Truth of Touch (2011). “

Tickets Prices:

Silver Seating: AED 290 (Free Seating)
Balcony Seating: AED 390 (Free Seating)
Gold Seating: AED 490 (Free Seating)
Platinum Seating: AED 690 (Free Seating)
VIP Seating: AED 1,290 (Allocated Seating)

Tickets available at:

Hotline: +97150 768 64 18

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IL DIVO Live In Dubai


You can’t imagine how sad I am 😦

One of my favorite bands IL DIVO are touring the world … I kept checking their website for any dates announced in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but there weren’t any …

My friend Noon just told me that they’ll be in Dubai next week 5th of October to perform live at Sheikh Zayed Hall … Ofcourse considering my situation, I definitely cannot attend (or maybe I can?). I’m nagging on my husband but he’s telling what will I do if I go in labour while at the concert? I mean we will have time to go back, right? Labour usually takes long hours, specially with the first child!!!!

I really really REALLY want to go & enjoy this concert. Their voices are amazing, beyond amazing!

Date announced on IL DIVO‘s website

T book your seat click here




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30 Seconds To Mars Videos-AbuDhabi

He mentioned KUWAIT ❤ He remembered ME 😀

P.S. That interview was after the meet n greet 😉

The opening-That’s not me screaming Jared’s name (just in case) 😛

Jared with an Emirati boy (Ahmed) talking to the fans about coming to the MiddleEast!

The end-Kings & Queens

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Swera & Jared Leto

Yaaaaaaa Weeeeeel 7aaaaallliiiii . . .

I still can’t believe that I’ve actually met Jared Leto, Shannon Leto & Tomo . . . I can’t believe that I actually talked to them, laughed, & took a picture with them!

Jared was so  beautiful! his eyes were SHINING! never saw such blue eyes! I just couldnt talk when he came o me n said “Hi”! I was like “Noooooooh Jared said HI to me” I can’t breath hehehe 😛 I acted normal and I told him I’m from Kuwait, and he was like “WOW, so many countries in here, thank you for coming”! he was so humble and very friendly! didn’t think he’ll be like that! and he said he wants to come to Kuwait n have a show there! (yeah right) 😀 and he gave me an elbow shake (he didn’t shake hands coz he’s sick but some fangirls just jumped on him n hugged him ) Shannon was a lil bit shy, he talked n laughed but not as much as Jared! Tomo was hilarious!

The show was amazzzzzzing! We danced, screamed n jumped! the stage almost fell down 😛 Oh yeah i was on stage (the side)! Jared is such an entertainer . . . the way he dances and makes people go crazy was just fabulous! I don’t wanna sleep! I wanna remember every moment of that show *Sigh*

I had the best time of my life 😀

Look at their signatures 😀

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30 Seconds To Mars Gig in Muscat,Oman-March 10th 2011

Yuppppp you’ve read that right! 30 Seconds To Mars has just announced that their Golden Tickets for their show in Muscat,Oman are on sale now! The place is still unknown but the date is there, just 1day before their gig in AbuDhabi! Wish I can be there also!

For those who can’t make it to AbuDhabi, now you have Muscat! and the Golden Ticket prices are cheaper than the ones for AD 😀

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Thank You Zain

Many thanks to ZAIN and a special thanks to Mohammed Almuhaini for sending me 2 tickets to one of Hala February concerts! It’s Majid Almuhandes! Me & my aunts are huge fans, so we’re going together to enjoy our time 😀

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