Thank You @TheBonBonBaby

The Box is so cute …

Thank YOU my dear :*

Kinda large for my baby but can’t til she’s a lil bit bigger 😉


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Wardrobe Change Is Needed

My hands are itching me 😛

I know it’s not the right time to talk fashion & clothes shopping as I’m not fit these days, but hopefully only for a matter of time.

The thing is, I’m becoming bored from the clothes I’m wearing these days which are very limited, I only got me 1 maternity jeans & few blouses, that was it. Because after all, I won’t be wearing them again at all.

It’s pure torture going to malls & the only thing I’m able to do is window-shopping :/ I really want to buy alot of clothes, but I’m trying to control myself. Nothing will fit me right now, I won’t be able to lose all the weight I gained that fast, I believe I’ll need around 3-6 months after delivery to get back on track.

The clothes are really beautiful this winter … specially Kenzo’s!

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My Owl T-Shirt :)

My dear highschool friend Marawei got me this BEAUTIFUL Owl T-Shirt from the USA! The gurl knows how to make me smile 😀 I just love owls, I buy anything that has an owl on it or shaped as an owl!

It started as a tease by my family calling me “Saroo yal Owl” as in “Sarah yal boma” coz I hated to go out to gatherings or weddings! Basically, I hated big events & people 😛 so they used to call me like that but then I actually fell in love with this beautiful bird & started collecting stuff that has its picture on it! 😀

Jameeeeela 😉

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Luscious Designs

 The first collection is basically casualy, daily wear , jumpsuits, dresses, skirts and vests , 2nd Collection will be Ramadan collection which will be launching soon. It’s being displayed in 52 Degrees. Make sure to check them out

Or take a look at Luscious designs on FB

Wishing you all the best Girl 😉

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Dubai Outlet Mall

Yaa maammmiii!!!! This is the best Outlet I’ve ever been too 😀 I almost lost my mind with the shoes and shoes and shoes 😉 Perfumes, bags, clothes (didnt find that much my size) and other great stuff 😛 but most important thing were the SHOES!

It wasn’t that far, only 20 mintues from our hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road! The prices were GREAT and you can enjoy alot of brands and names 😀 here are sm pix of the mall and what I got from there 😉

From Outside

Lovely hair style 😉


Stella Mccartney bebeh 😉 It was around 760 DHMS (around 60 or 70 KD)

GINA, GINA, My Sweet Gina! Iliterary screamed when I got this piece of art 😀 it was the last one and around 1092 DHMS (almost 88 KD)

My aunt got this Cavalli shoes for 500 or 600 DHMS (50 KD i think)

I got this trouser only for 324 DHMS 🙂 can you believe it?! (around 25 KD)

Got so many perfumes for nothing! It was like buying smth for free 😀

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Cuffs & Collars

My highschool friend turned out to be a talented girl 🙂 She created her own business which is called “Cuffs &Collars” by herself! The things she does is hand made by herself! Read more below;

Cuffs & Collars
Description :Inspired by the lights & awesome fashion galleries of Europe, I bring to you my new exclusive designs of stylish loose Cuffs & Collars.
Style up your simple shirts, dresses with a simple fairy touch by our chic Cuffs & Collars designs. . .
Spread the word.. Cuffs & Collars is out to the world..
Join us in our exclusive exhibition at Kuwait Talents Expo , At Movenpick Hotel, Free trade Zone
24th June – 26th June 2010
Time 5:00pm- 10:00pm
Booth # 119
Tel: +965 94446708
Working hours: 2:30pm-8:00 pm

Facebook group: Cuffs & Collars

Spread The Word People 🙂

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Women’s Nightmare

Yes, It’s like a nightmare to us! Am I exaggerating? For some maybe, but for me NO . . . It’s worse than a nightmare thinking of what to wear for the next day . . . It seems like I’m running out of options, like I’m naked and left with nothing to wear!

I know that you know that we have lots and lots of clothes WE women but believe me dealing with what to wear and what not everynight is really exhausting!!! It’s not just changing the clothes!!! many things have to be changed. The watch has to be changed coz it has to match what you’re wearing, the bag, the accessories, the veil (hijab), the scarves, the shoes, the nail color (if I have time), the make-up, sometimes the wallet (I’m done changing it) etc. and the idea of making all of these things match is a scary nightmare that I or WE have to go through on daily basis! Sometimes I just give up and go to work wearing a training-suit, the bag doesnt match and with no make-up . . . People would ask “Are you okay?” “You’re not looking well” . . . Ofcourse I don’t look well . . . I’m tired of thinking of what to wear everyday so i decided to not think and just wear whatever is there infront of me that makes me comfy!

It’s been 8 yrs now (4 yrs uni & 4 yrs work) and many years to come . . . I think this is the main reason why women these days are having fatal diseases!!!! It’s because their mind is being used in a very crucial way!

I envy men for having the option of wearing  Dishdasha which doesn’t have to match with their wallets, watches, or shoes!!!!

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