Childhood Memories From ZAIN

I was overwhelmed by this beautiful gift from Zain. I felt like a kid, holding both No3man & Malson, hugging them felt o good hehe 😛 My lil cousin Rayan didn’t wanna let go of No3man, i had to yell at her so she would give it back to me 😀 & The USB is sooo cute 😉

Cute USB

My cousins 7adhom mestanseeen! hehe

Rayan was so happy holding No3man 😀

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Childhood Cartoon: The Princess & The River

I can’t say how happy I am 🙂 I’ve been searching for this cartoon for ages! All I can remember is a line from it but now I’ve found it yeeepeeee 🙂 Such a nice childhood memory 😀

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