The Chaos of Millions of Milkshakes


I was invited to attend the opening of Millions of Milkshakes & have a private meet & greet with Kim Kardashian. But what happened was totally the opposite. We met with the people at 2:30pm at the meeting point & were taken from behind to get inside Millions of Milkshakes … The place was beautifully decorated, loved the colors & the whole setup.

We waited more than 3 hrs for Kim Kardashian to arrive & when she did, the bodyguards were really really awful, they started pushing & screaming at people, mostly women as if we were going to kidnap her. They were really rude to us, they caused the whole chaos along with the media people. The ones who were inside were polite & behaved themselves but unfortunately the bodyguards messed up the whole event. I really hated it, the worst event wallah! & I dunno why I even went, not a fan of Kim at all. I just wanted to be there to have fun with my girls & enjoy the drama of a celebrity coming to Kuwait but seriously I didn’t think it will be that DRAMATIC!

The Milkshakes were delicious. I tried; Mango & Kitkat, Strawberry with Banana & Mango with Ferrero Roche, amazzing! I wanna go back to try the other shakes & the frozen yoghurt!

I’ll leave you with pix

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Quote: Hugh Jackman

β€œThe natural law is that we should all have equal access, equal opportunity with the planet, but it seems the way we’ve divided it up politically or economically, that is not the case.”

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I Love: Meghan Ory’s Face

I find her very beautiful & attractive

even with little makeup

What a face

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10 Million Mansion; Vera Wang

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R.I.P Whitney Houston

Just heard the news … Whitney Houston dead at the age of 48 😦

We’ll Always Love You


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Book Review: The Royal Wedding

I’m really into Royalties & Celebrities. I love reading about them specially those fairytales with pictures & let me assure you this book is full of interesting PICTURES.

It talks about the upbringing of William in the Palace , how Diana took care of her boys in her own way not caring about the Royal family. She didn’t want her boys to be stiff like stones without feelings, she didn;t want to raise them like that so she took good care of them. It also talks about the paparazzi, how it lead to Diana’s death & how it affected both boys. William growing u, going to college, being reluctant to trust people around him, getting used to others coming to him every now & then.

After that it talks about Kate, her upbringing, how her great great family were poor & how they became rich! How she was raised taught & then about her life in college.

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Ivanka Trump Private Event-Kuwait

I was also invited to the private event of The Launch of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry at 360 Mall in the exhibition area. It was very very crowded, so many people were invited for this private event i guess, I managed to snap some pictures, only stayed 15 minutes & then left. Couldn’t stand the crowd.

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Event: Ivanka Trump Press Conference Kuwait

Miraculously, I attended the press conference of the launch of Ivanka Trump’s fine jewelry line in cooperation with Murad Yousef Behbehani Group. Thank you job :*

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Book Review: ME-Ricky Martin

I know this book has been on my blog for ages but it’s because I couldn’t read one page! and when i had the time, i couldn’t let it down, i finished it in 2 days.

It was written by Ricky Martin talking about his life, how he started, how it affected his life & how he made peace with his sexuality being gay & admitting it to the world!

This book might be helpful for gays who are struggling in their loves (I DO NOT SUPPORT NOR BELIEVE IN SMTH CALLED “GAY”) but for it was more like entertainment, curiosity … in Kuwaiti = legafa πŸ˜€

The way the book was written makes you feel very relaxed, i can’t explain it but somehow you hear Ricky’s soft soothing voice while reading the book … if you’re a celebrity lover (like me) then this book will be a fun read πŸ™‚

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The New Face of HUGO

Finalllyyyyyy it’s coming this July πŸ˜€

Source:Β HugoCreate

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Swera & Jared Leto

Yaaaaaaa Weeeeeel 7aaaaallliiiii . . .

I still can’t believe that I’ve actually met Jared Leto, Shannon Leto & Tomo . . . I can’t believe that I actually talked to them, laughed, & took a picture with them!

Jared was so Β beautiful! his eyes were SHINING! never saw such blue eyes! I just couldnt talk when he came o me n said “Hi”! I was like “Noooooooh Jared said HI to me” I can’t breath hehehe πŸ˜› I acted normal and I told him I’m from Kuwait, and he was like “WOW, so many countries in here, thank you for coming”! he was so humble and very friendly! didn’t think he’ll be like that! and he said he wants to come to Kuwait n have a show there! (yeah right) πŸ˜€ and he gave me an elbow shake (he didn’t shake hands coz he’s sick but some fangirls just jumped on him n hugged him ) Shannon was a lil bit shy, he talked n laughed but not as much as Jared! Tomo was hilarious!

The show was amazzzzzzing! We danced, screamed n jumped! the stage almost fell down πŸ˜› Oh yeah i was on stage (the side)! Jared is such an entertainer . . . the way he dances and makes people go crazy was just fabulous! I don’t wanna sleep! I wanna remember every moment of that show *Sigh*

I had the best time of my life πŸ˜€

Look at their signatures πŸ˜€

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Happy BirthDay Josh Groban

Happy 30th Birthday πŸ˜€

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