Celebrating PinkGirl’s Birthday at Shuffle Restaurant


My dear friend PinkGirl invited us to Shuffle restaurant to celebrate her birthday. The restaurant closed the place for us from 6 to 8pm to have some privacy. The place is kinda small, good for small birthdays or gatherings if you want. The atmosphere was so much fun, the loud music gave the place extra vibe & not to mention the delicious food 🙂

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait til the end & taste the cake but from the pictures it looked beautiful.

Happy Birthday 6ayooba 🙂 Love you girl :*

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Celebrate With @SmashBurgerQ8


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National Day Celebrations at KPC


Don’t ask me how I ended up there but I actually did 😛 It was an event for employees only but somehow I managed to get in 😉

The place situated in an amazing location, facing the Arabian Gulf, the building is huge & the decorations were really beautiful. So many people/small business participated in this event.

I believe it’s a nice way to celebrate the National & Independence days at work! Not everybody does that, but I hope that all companies will start doing it starting next year nshallah! Employees need a break, they’re not robots!

Take a look at the pictures I’ve taken

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Happy New Year To All My Readers :*


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Celebrate New Year With Maki


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Celebrate With Maki-6th Anniversary

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New Dishes At Maki & Anniversary Celebration

Last year on the 15th of March 2011, I got married & went to Maki Marina Waves to have dinner there with my husband 🙂 I’m a big fan of Maki & Marina Waves was the best choice because it’s cozy & you get to have alot of privacy unlike malls. So when i received an invitation from Maki to try their new dishes a couple of days ago, I was so excited because it was the perfect timing & I chose ofcourse Marina Waves branch. It’s a very romantic place to have dinner there with your husband or wife!

We arrived there around 6:30pm, the place was empty because it was a bit early for dinner (later it started to get crowded). The staff greeted us with a lovely smile as usual & guess what? The table they reserved for us was the same table we dined on last year, what a lovely coincidence 🙂 Even my husband thought I planned this, but I told him i didn’t 😛

Thank You Mr. Emile Haykal for the invitation & reserving our special table even though you didn;t know about it 🙂

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عيدي يا كويت يا احلى بلد‎

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Safi National Day Celebrations

“Safi Celebrates the National & liberation  Day By new lovely Goodies..

We Create The Kuwaiti Flag Ghurayba which comes in 4 flavors ( Black is oreo- Green is our signature pistachio ghurayba- white is original- and red is May Ward ( rose water) Ghurayba)
8 KD By Kilo

and the Kuwait Flag Rainbow cake :

A 4 layer chocolate & vanilla cake with colors of Kuwaiti flag with A white chocolate mousse cream frosting decorated with A memorable Kuwaiti National Day Songs…
in 14 KD

and Cookies with your choice the old or the present flag
comes in 2 sizes
M: 1 Kd
S: 750 fils

Per piece

Kuwaiti  Flag themed Coffee Sweets
14 Kd per kilo
Chcocolate – pistachio – caramel, coconut

Safi is located in Nuzha Block 3 Behind Al Nuzha Kindergarten
Tel: 22515818

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Husband’s Birthday Celebrations

Today, marks my husband’s 36th Birthday, & since this is his first celebration with me, I wanted it to be a surprise for him & kinda special 😉 Yesterday was his afternoon shift which was perfect to arrange & decorate the place without him being in the way or noticing anything. Headed to BalloonyLand to get some decoration items & balloons. Unfortunately, they were closed for inventory but stood at their doors trying to convince them to let me in. I mean i just wanted few balloons & a couple of items! Finally, they did & i appreciate more for what they did.

After that, I headed to Luscious located infront of Dasman to get some sandwiches. Their collection was very nice & cute. Got me a couple of each shaped sandwiches & then headed back home to decorate the place & wait for the cake.

I booked an appointment with A Litte Sugar almost 3 months ago, because I know she’s always booked mashallah & you can barely get an appointment. Since my husband loves to travel all the time, I decided to get him suitcase cake with a mini plane & passport with it. The flavor was red velvet with white chocolate mousse! It was sooooooo delicious! We loved it & couldn’t stop eating from it. I had troubles sleeping later on because of the amount of sugar I had in my system 😛

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Happy Belated 2012

Wishing YOU All A Very Happy New Year Filled With Love, Health, Wealth & Happiness

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