The Best Americano Ever


Months ago, exactly in Ramadan after futoor, my husband and I went to Cheesecake Factory to enjoy a cup of coffee and one of their delicious huge cheesecakes. Husband ordered Americano and I got me cappuccino and a red velvet to be shared which we couldn’t finish it all.

I’m writing about the huge americano coffee that arrived to our table. We both looked shocked because we have never seen such a huge coffee cup or in this case i can say GLASS.

Husband said the coffee was superb and he insisted that I try it. Yes it was so good and delicious. Very strong indeed. And we also couldn’t finish it all.

Guess what happened to us on that day? We drank it around 8pm. And we stayed awake til next morning. We couldn’t sleep AT ALL. Our eyes were wide open til 11 am and it was Ramadan so we became very cranky and swore that we’ll never drink it again that late only if we didn’t have anything to do the next day.

If you want a great very strong coffee, get the Cheesecake Factory Americano 😛

The red velvet cheesecake was very delicious but very heavy at the same time. 3 persons can share 🙂

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November Cafe-KIPCO Tower


The November Bakery announced a while ago they will be opening their 1st cafe at KIPCO Tower. It opened last week operating from 11am til 5pm soft opening serving desserts and some kinds of drinks but after Ramadan they will have a full menu with everything and for sure I will go there and have either breakfast or late lunch 😉

The place is really really beautiful and this wasn’t shocking because I was expecting it to be like that. We all know how Bibi Hayat has her touch in decoration and creating a beautiful atmosphere. The interior is superb. They have few drinks and some of their delicious cakes. Husband and I tried Dali cake for the 1st time and it was really good. The Cardamom tea with milk was also delicious. Oh and you have to try their chocolate macaroon. Heavenly delicious and soft.

Take a look at the place;

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Lavicka Cafe-Ramadan Atmosphere


Last week, I passed by Lavicka Cae located in Burj Jassim where I was greeted by the owner Aicha. She explained to me how she arranged everything for this Ramadan and took care of designing the tent by herself. Also what’s new on the menu is from her mother’s recipes. Traditional Kuwaiti Desserts (pictures below).

Everything was so beautiful and relaxing. The cafe makes you feel as you’re sitting in your own garden. You have to pass by and try their Raspberry Cheesecake, veerrrrrrry delicious and moist.

Best of luck Aisha.

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Fauchon Experience @The_Avenues


As we were walking in the avenues, we were thinking where to sit & enjoy a cup of coffee! I suggested we try the newly opened cafe in prestige Fauchon which closed its Salhiya branch & opened in the avenues. I’ve dined in it a couple of times before, the salhiya branch .

We ordered the mont Blanc cake, 1 cappuccino & 1 vanilla flavored coffee. Everything was perfect. Loved the cake it was very delicious & tasty with the sour & sweet taste inside it. You have to try it.

The atmosphere of the cafe is very hip & chic with all the fancy colors & decoration.

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Starbucks Marina Re-Opened


I can’t recall when the place closed down for renovation. I’m not a Marina fan at all but the new design of Starbucks is really stunning. It has the atmosphere of the Arabian Gulf & Kuwait as you can see in the below pictures.

I loved Kuwait’s map filled with coffee cups & you can see the Arabic coffee dallah in the decoration of the new set. Just lovely.

They’re also having a Jazz Night every Wednesday, a Kuwaiti band called Stylus formed by 3 guys play in the cafe. Their playing was amazing, make you wanna sway & move from place to place. Baby Jana enjoyed the music alot 😛

Thank you Imad & John for the lovely night.

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Soft Opening Of Lavicka Cafe


Pronounced; LaviCHka

A lovely phone call came from a very sweet lady to attend the soft opening of Lavicka cafe located in Burj Jassim-M Floor infront of f2oDesigns exactly. This soft opening was only for friends & family.

The owner of the place was really sweet & nice, the way she talks to people is really beautiful. She introduced me to her cafe which will open this Sunday from 7am til 10pm everyday.

The place is very relaxing, filled with flowers, plants, & trees to make you feel as if you’re sitting in a garden & enjoying your morning coffee or lunch break. It’s located in the city, so i guess people working in private sector will enjoy the place to take their minds of work, sip coffee & relax.

The menu was created by the great chef Hanoof AlBalhan, she was available there at the soft opening but to bad she was busy with people, couldn’t take a photo of her. I tried the pineapple salad, mini chicken sandwich, blueberry cheesecake & their vanilla latte. All were very delicious & tasty, specially the cheesecake & the latte, loved them.

You have to check the place, I’m telling you, you’re gonna love the atmosphere specially in the morning 🙂

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@CafeLilouBah Experience-Bahrain


Many people recommended Lilou Cafe for desserts when they knew I was in Bahrain. The place is located in Adliya & mashallah was very crowded & busy but as it’s a big place, it was easy to find a table for 2 & the service was very fast & efficient.

Loved the decoration & interior, red & gold with an ancient touch. The staff was very sweet & smiley. Their prices were a bit expensive but totally worth it. We choose the Red Velvet Cheesecake which turned out to be very delicious & yummy, when you’re in Bahrain you have to try it. I had the Watermelon Cocktail & husband had the Strawberry Banana & Orange Cocktail. Both were very delicious & refreshing.

A great experience!

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@PICK_Kuwait Hitteen Branch


A cafe in our Co-op … that’s what I’ve been waiting for 😀 and it’s Pick Yo, remember my previous post about them? I know it was ages ago but mashallah they’re expanding & I gotta congratulate them for that! Not only their food is excellent, healthy & fresh but also their prices are very reasonable compared to other cafes & I wish they will continue to maintain it.

As it’s very close to us, DandermaPinkGirl, & I gathered there to enjoy some quality time away from the crowded places we face on weekends. The weather was so beautiful, I took Juju with me & she also enjoyed her time 😛

We started with shakes, but I was very hungry so I started with a pesto chicken sandwich, mini bread bites with labnah dip & my fav shake; blueberry, banana & plain frozen yogurt (yum yum). The end was with their famous mini pancakes, oh mama they were very delicious 😀 You have to try them!

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@Sprinkles Cupcakes Yumminess-The Avenues Mall


My sister & I decided to head to The Avenues Mall avec Baby Jana of course to try the newly opened Sprinkles Cupcakes. The place was kinda small, it should have been bigger coz I tell you it will get crowded by time specially on holidays. The staff was very efficient & friendly. The variety of cupcakes was good, they have special cupcakes this month that won’t be available the next one, I believe it’s the salted caramel but not sure.

We got to try Red Velvet, Raspberry & Salted Caramel … All were delicious but my fav were the Salted Caramel & Raspberry cupcakes,,,,DELICIOUS! Loved the taste. Prices were good better than Caribou & Starbucks! The seating area outside was cute, loved the lil Sprinkles seats!

You have to try it if you haven’t tried it yet! Enjoy the pictures 😉

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Red Velvet from @SoloChurros


On Valentine’s Day, I’ve received a lovely package from Nour the owner of Solo Churros (Burj Jassim). It was very thoughtful of her to send us the new item added to the menu. And who doesn’t love Red Velvet? It’s my fav flavor ever & also husband’s. In 2 days we finished the whole box 😛 The cream cheese was very moist & light.

Highly recommended guys

Read more about my 1st experience with SoloChurros

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The Official Opening of The Chocolate Cafe


Not long ago, I visited the newly opened cafe The Chocolate Cafe & lucky me, I was invited to attend the official opening last Thursday. It was full house, lots of bloggers,  & media people were there! I had the chance to experience other delicious dishes & drinks. Yum Yum

I’ll leave you with the pictures, you’ll DIE 😀

The Chocolate Cafe is located in Mishref Food Circle

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Bloggerettes Night @BrushCafe

The lovely PinkGirl organized an event at Brush Cafe (Odailiya, behind Kababji) & gathered us all. It was very easy to fin the cafe, the cafe was cozy & warm in the rainy weather. The decoration was very creative along with the menu & the sandwiches names. All about artists.

Regarding the food, I’ve tried the avocado shrimp salad which turned out to be amazing, but couldn’t stay to try the sandwiches or the dessert. Dad called me, & informed that baby Juju has made a big mess lol so I had to rush back home & change for her 😛

The gathering was beautiful, loved it & for sure I’ll be going back to Brush Cafe for a quiet night out with hubs away from The Avenues hassle 😀

Thank you Pink & Brush Cafe for having us 😉

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