When Bloggers Review Something

This subject has been on my mind for a very long time & I don’t know why I haven’t talked about it. Guess I forgot! Well, there was alot of talking about bloggers in Kuwait & their honesty when reviewing a product or a restaurant. So, here’s my 2 cents about the whole issue.

Yes, maybe some bloggers do exaggerate in reviewing a product or a restaurant but trust me not all of us do. Those who exaggerate can be counted with your fingers coz people in the whole world are not the same, there is the good & the bad (en kholiyat khorebat). So you can’t go & start a topic/rumor that all bloggers are liars!!!

Reviewing a product on a personal blog, it means that this review is based on a personal opinion. People are different in tastes, therefore what I like may not satisfy your taste. So, this is an advice, when reading a review post on a personal blog, note that it’s based on the person’s taste, you might share the same taste & you may not. So you can’t blame the whole review thing on the blogger. If you want to try the restaurant that this blogger spoke highly of, then put on your mind that it may not be as good as it has been reviewed.

Now, let’s talk about reviewing a restaurant. I might say about a certain dish that it’s delicious & very yummy, & when one of my readers goes & tries it, he/she doesn’t like it & I turn out to be a liar? WRONG! I might like an eggplant dish that is served with balsamic vinegar & it would be delicious but it might not appeal to your taste buds therefore, it doesn’t make me a liar, it’s called differences in food taste. But there some regular dishes let’s say like “Pink Pasta” which is very ordinary, so when I say that this certain restaurant serves a very delicious “Pink Pasta” & when you go there and find the dish very ordinary or not good then it’s either I was exaggerating or the restaurant failed to serve the dish as it is expected. Because some restaurant do fail in serving their dishes as expected.

For example CUTS, a very famous Brazilian restaurant which I like & wrote about it. Their meat is very delicious & tender. But to my surprise a month ago, the food wasn’t good at all. They only served 4 kinds of meat when they used to serve 6 or 7 kinds & the food was very very salty. Their salad bar was very regular, not as always. Now, that shows you that this restaurant didn’t keep its standards & really failed to serve quality food, therefore I won’t be visiting them in the near future. Some new restaurants struggle at first with their food recipes, one time it’s great, the 2nd it’s not. It’s either you give them time til they settle or just decide it’s not worth it.

When reviewing a product, let’s say a camera or a cooking machine. First; it’s considered a personal review. So whatever I say is based on my own personal opinion; whether i received this product as a gift or I bought it by myself, it won’t make a difference as long as people know that my blog is personal & not commercial & by commercial I mean those blogs who only post pictures & titles without a single word! I might like a camera with 16 megapixels, & write a great review about it, that it’s great & marvelous. But when you go & check it out, you may find this particular option is not good or not as expected. A cooking machine I’ve used & found very helpful, but to you it may not be. It may be messy or very slow but to me it is very helpful.

These things happen, it’s not in our hands, we cannot control them. Don’t blame bloggers. Just don’t put high expectations because taste differs from one person to another.!

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Blog: The Importance of Business Cards

People have been asking me about my business card alot lately. It was kinda embarrassing telling them “no, i dont have one”. It happened alot, & then I started thinking of having my business cards printed.

Thanks to my dear Jacqui who printed them out yesterday, just in time. They were very helpful at Zain Social Media Event. Many people asked me for my BC & I gladly handed it to them 😀

I think bloggers should have their own business cards, as it helps us expand our social circle & certain people will know how to reach us.

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Zain Social Media Day Event

Yesterday, bloggers, tweeps, facebookers, instagramers & many more celebrated Social Media Day with Zain at Alhamra Mall (Sky Lobby). The event was really huge, I didn’t expect that much of attendees mashallah.

Many small businesses participated at the event introducing their products (food 😛 )

Omar Alothman was a great entertainer, so funny mashallah.

We really enjoyed our time … Hope to witness the same event next year 🙂

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Happy Social Media Day

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New Header with a Bassinet

Don’t you just love Jacqui? Look at the lovely changes she has done on my header 😀

I Love It ❤

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Bothroos In Da House

Many of you may wonder who’s this fella? & why is he called “bothroos”? Well, it’s very obvious that he has huge teeth coming out of his mouth 😛 This lovely cute doll belongs to our lovely blogger Alnoury. She started taking him every where with her & then, she created an instagram page  for him for people to enjoy his advenyures & “gezzing” 😛

On Friday, Bothroos visited me & spent the whole day with me 😀 he was really tiny & cute hehe! I introduced him to my husband who didn’t like him & said he looks scary lol 😛 he even thought his existence affected my attitude haha 😀

Anyways, so i was fasting & decided to take him with me to have Futoor outside at Cuts-Movenpick. He really enjoyed his time, having dinner with me & then walking in the hallway trying to knock on the doors of the hotel rooms 😛 such a naughty doll 😉

If you have instagram follow him & you’ll have fun watching his pictures here & there; @bothroos

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I’ve Been Bombarded By Curses, Swears & Cusses! You Name It

Remember my post (& all bloggers’ posts) about the guy who stole F2oDesigns paintings & started selling them at KU Get2Gether Expo? His twitter account is @Saloomalm & i believe he has a partner I believe not sure!

Instead of saying sorry or admitting what he did was wrong (notice that he admitted on twitter taking the pictures from the net). He sent or (I don’t wanna make assumptions) his family & friends bombarded me this evening with the worst names & curses ever! Aaahhh you can’t imagine how shocked I was!

I was sitting watching TV & checking twitter & baaaaam many people came to my twitter account & started calling me names (you can check them with your won eyes, im not exaggerating) & yeah all of them are kids around 13 to 18 years old (from their profiles) el7mdellah wesheker!

This shows how low these people are & how wrong they are! They have nothing to do 6ab3an except call us names & curse!

Magol ella 7sby allah wan3m el wakeel o allah yntqm menkom.

P.S. To be honest I don’t about this Maitha if she belongs to the same gang or not but it all happened at the same time … coincidence much?

Now please enjoy reading what I’ve been called on twitter … this is a first 😉

e9ara7a y3ni madre shagoool! 3eni 3enek!

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Need Your Help My Fellow Readers; Like My Picture ^_^

Dear All,

I’m participating in this photography competition with Gloria Jean’s Coffee on Facebook.

If you have the time, please like my picture & make me win 😛

Thank you all 🙂

Click & Like My Picture

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A Thief Stole F2o Designs & He’s Selling Them At GetTogether Expo

This is totally unacceptable! A guy called @Saloomalm stole F2oDesigns, & is selling them these days at Get2Gether Expo in KU! The man is admitting that he took them from the internet (bwaaag). Ashkara ma yeste7i! We all know that these designs belong to the lady behind F2oDesigns (Fatma). Unfortunately, this guy, didn’t care about her hard work, didn’t even bother to ask for her permission! Just copy pasted & voila, he’s selling them as his!

Please, people/bloggers/tweeps/facebookers try your best to make this info reach as many people as possible! This is totally outrageous & unacceptable!

I’m just furious! God help our dear Fatma!

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Zain Trip To Alhamra Tower

Remember school trips when we used to ride un-air conditioned buses but still we had fun? Zain made us remember those good old days but with a fine air conditioned bus 😛

The aim behind this trip is to introduce us to their new branch which will open soon nshallah in Alhamra Tower. It’s supposed to be a luxury branch where you’ll see new screens that are not available in Kuwait & other new facilities will be available at this branch & will be added to the other branches.

We left Zain Head Office around 2:30pm with Mr. Mohmd Almuhaini being our Tour Guide, accompanied by a DJ inside the bus. The first song was “drewelna 3ash 3ash” lol 😛 That was a good start 😉

Then they distributed snack boxes which turned out to be very useful after the long tour inside the tour in this hot weather.

Now, let’s have a tour inside Alhamra Tower & introduce you to Zain’s new luxury branch 😉

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Bloggers’ Picnic

A couple of days ago sweet Alnoury was kind enough to ask me to join them in an afternoon picnic. Arrived there around 5:30 pm after googling the whole are for the spot they were sitting in 😛 Finally I reached them, who can miss pink balloons 😛

PinkGirlQ8The Triple F, & Abla Noura were also there. The weather was amazing, I really didn’t wanna leave the place. It was perfect for a nap if it wasn’t that public 😉

We enjoyed eating food as usual 😛 The Triple F’s Arabic Coffee, Alnoury’s Karak & many more! Then later on we put some music & enjoyed singing a lil bit 😛 (fothee7a a9watna) 😛

Had lots of fun with you girls :*

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Thank You PinkGirl :*

el CD ebachi 😦

Mashkooora o maga9artay ya 3sal :*

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