Mini Ghabga @Danderma’s Resort


Last Friday, we gathered at our dear friend Danderma‘s house (3asa beit 3amer nshallah) just to catch up and have a chito chat. We haven’t met and sat with each other for a long time and we really needed the time to enjoy our time together. We were wearing PJs Jacqui & I, Danderma was wearing a training and PinkGirl was dressed up because she came from an outdoor Iftar 🙂

What I loved about this gathering is the simplicity. We sat on the floor, infront of the the coffee and tea and lots of savories and desserts. We couldn’t stop our mouths neither from talking nor munching 😀

We discussed lots of things. What happens in Danderma’s resort, stays in Danderma’s resort *wink*

It was supposed to be a simple gathering but then we named it a mini ghabga at Danderma’s resort 🙂

Thank you Naddoooya for the lovely gathering :*

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Bloggerettes’ Gathering


Last week, our dear friend SilverBlingBlack & her sister @Nouradrenaline (instagram) had a gathering at their home. Many bloggers came & we had lots of fun talking, chatting, maybe even gossiping 😛 *JK*

Tea, coffee & delicious chocolates from Chocolates&More came first, then we went outside for a beautiful outdoor dinner. The seating area was gorgeous, it had a beautiful purple lights. The buffet was delicious, not everything was perfect but all in all it was delicious. The catering company is called @CateringFactoryKW (instagram).

Thank you ladies for a beautiful night 🙂

Enjoy the pictures 😀

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Happy Valentine’s Day To My Readers from Mommy & Baby Jana <3


Credits: Jacqui

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Welcome To The BlogSphere


Sooner or later she’ll be joining her Mama attending events, reviewing restaurants or publishing a personal post … But wait? She had already attended an event last week *Wink* But now it’s official … Baby Jana has joined my blog! When she’s old enough to write, draw or speak, I’ll be posting on her behalf until she’s capable of doing it all by herself, maybe she’ll be attending events instead of her Mama 😉

Thank you Aunt Jacqui for the beautiful design … as always, you’re an artist ❤

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The Attitude of Bloggers

Some of us (bloggers) created our blog for a reason, whether it’s to write reviews about restaurants, to attend events & enjoy mingling with people, to post personal situations or experiences or help others, or to become a commercial blog. It’s your own choice after all it’s your blog but lets not forget about something important … Attitude.
It came to my attention that some bloggers’ attitude is changing to the worst, some of them insult small business, some of them reject invitations in a very rude way & some of them (get ready for this one) request 4 figures just to attend an event! Waaaaaat?! Seriously dear?! We know you’re extremely famous but u’re not the only blogger in the whole universe, others will do the job just fine & with a big smile on their faces to help small businesses grow. And get this dear, u’re the IT blogger now but u wont be after 2 yrs or so, sm1 will come along who will be much better than u n after that u’ll be begging for invitations just to save ur name!
Im writing this post because this isnt right ,,, we bloggers are supposed to help our community, to spread the word, to make life easier for others. If we dont want to attend an event or not interested in this particular topic to write on our blog then “politeness” is the right attitude. Dont believe yourself too much, sooner or later your fame & shining star will come to an end & fade in the dark.
Oh and some bloggers have conditions, No One Attends But Me ,,,, hhhmmm like what so special about you dear?! I dont know if they know this info but not all bloggers share the same readers, so you’re not شعب الله المختار.
Other bloggers are into taking over the social media of some companies because they know better ,,, listen to this: they meet you, greet you in other events but they dont invite you to the events of the company they’re working in, they only invite their friends ,,, that shows you that they have ZERO comprehension of what Social Media is!
To those bloggers who despise events and free offers and after a day or so you see them being offered a free meal n show their faces in every event in the country, oh n they happily write about it! Okay i dont get it, 1st u dont like the idea of free stuff n events but after that you write on ur blog that you got a free offer from a restaurant?! Dear, it’s either u set your standards right or just leave it like that no strings attached, no one is forcing u to be sm1 u r not, u’re the one who’s contradicting urself.There is also a new kind of bloggers who pretend to be they are more than one person but in reality its only one person ,,, camouflage much?! Whats the point dear?!

Some non Kuwaiti bloggers have nothing to do but bitch about our beautiful country Kuwait, they show you the worst side of it, keep on complaining forever like there’s nothing good or positive about this country ,,, if you dont like Kuwait at all then why do i keep seeing your ugly face in every event?! Why dont you just pack your thing n leave to your country n lets see what u’ll write about it. Also some non Kuwaiti bloggers think they know best in Kuwaiti politics, huh! Sucker for attention dear?! Kuwaitis didnt even bring the subject to their blogs, and you became an expert mashallah.For those bloggers who think they’re ver famous n busy talking to business owners about how great they are n how they’re very intelligent that they dont say Hello to u, they want u to come to them n say Hi, like shit!

One more thing, new bloggers plz plz plzzzzzzz stop mentioning your posts to us on twitter. We are not going to retweet it, got it?! Its not the right way to get attention, u’ll get it in time n it depends on how clever n hard-working you are ,,, and plz dont show the world that u’re getting alot of offers from alot of companies to attend events n take pictures when u’re just a bambino, we know u’re getting shit so plz, stop embarrassing urself dear.

My last point goes to the event organizers or owners ,,, they invite you once or twice but then they totally forget about you ,,, probably they didnt like the way you look?! Coz last time i checked all bloggers are very nice, cute, & adorable not to mention beautiful & elegant, so what’s the problem?!
P.S. to the new comers, be yourself, write your own words, don’t feel you’re forced to write otherwise, keep your attitude in its place no matter how famous u became & dont copy other bloggers to get the attention you’re seeking.
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It’s My Blog’s 3rd Anniversary

I totally forgot about my blog’s 3rd anniversary which was supposed to be on th 25th of Oct … No one can blame me, I can hardly remember my name :/

Every year this blog brings me something … something that changes my life, adds extra joy & happiness. This year it introduced me to amazing people that I can call friends … It introduced me to wonderful bloggers,who are very friendly, kind & full of joy … also humor 😛

We started sharing stories, complaining about certain things, going out, having indoors/outdoors gathering, which brought us closer.

Hope this relation will continue to get stronger day by day nshallah … love you guys :*


Gotta send lots of love to my readers (the silent & the loud ones) without you this blog wouldn’t have made it to where it’s now :*

1st Blog Anniversary

2nd Blog Anniversary

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Bloggers’ Movie Night @Danderma

The sweet & adorable Danderma invited us to her house to enjoy a movie night. I reached her place around 7:20 pm & the gang was already there. We discussed which movie to watch & ended up watching This Means War. The movie was hilarious, loved all the characters, plot, script & everything about it. But what was more hilarious is the gang, we laughed like crazy yesterday, as if we were high on something. Seriously, we couldn’t stop laughing. The star of the night was Ansam 😛

We enjoyed eating pop corn, nachos, potato chips, mini burgers, pizza, macarons & cakes. The whole night was awesome.

The gang: DandermaJacquiNoonAnsamPinkGirl & Um3azoz

Enjoy the pics 😉

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Pauline Blog Giveaway


Check her blog for more details 😉




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Bloggers Gathering Instagram Ramadan Competition

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@Safat_Home Social Media Event

Safat Home arranged their 1st social media event last yesterday at their newly opened store which is located immediately infront Abyat, across Altilal complex. The place was huge & quiet unlike the one in Alrai which I hate because of the 4th ringroad, you’d swear & curse everyone driving until you reach the place!

Anyways, this branch is much better & I guess I’ll be heading to it more often than the other one! The event was small & cozy. It was arranged at Costa Coffeeshop which is located inside Safat Home. They introduced us to the place & that this is there 1st social media event but there will be more nshallah!

Each blogger had a goodie bag which included stuff & an envelope. Inside this envelope there were pictures, we had to find them in the store & hashtag it on Instagram! The competition was really fun, because I couldn’t run like my other mates, I had to cheat a bit using the help of Safat Home employees 😛 Gotta thank them alot because I won many things 😀

Thank you Safat Home for the lovely event & wish you all the best 🙂

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Dathra’s Volume II Launch Gathering

I was invited by the lovely Danderma to attend Dathra’s Volume II Launch Gathering at her house which is very close to mine 😛 The theme was oldies X oldies (Dethara X Dethara). Even us were forced to wear old clothes (malabes dathra). I went to my grandma’s house, opened a very VERY old wardrobe & got me the oldest thing ever. Everyone laughed at me 😛

Everything in the gathering was “dather”. The food, the decoration, our clothes & even the songs! it was really nice getting back those old memories & living in the 80s 😉

There was a competition; who wore the oldest clothes ever (akthar lebs dather bel gathering). Guess who won? MOI 😀

The gathering was lots of fun, i really enjoyed my time with the lovely girls:*

Dandy I wish you all the best 😀

Dathra Volume II is on sale now at 52 Degrees.

P.S. Dathra doll was made by Jacqui’s Aunt 🙂

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Blogs & Advertisements

Blogs & Ads can be a tricky subject to discuss! Blogs are considered the cheapest yet most efficient mean for advertising, that’s why alot of bloggers are being approached these days. Whether it’s a huge company or a small business, all will benefit equally from this certain blog!

The question is, do you consider this blog trustworthy if it has alot of ads? I want to hear the opinions of regular readers! There are many blogs out there that have (mashallah) alot of ads & they’re still trustworthy, but some are not!

To be frank, i’ve been approached a couple of times from people wanting to add their ads on my blog, the offer from both companies wasn’t that good & they had their own conditions so I refused. But from what I’m seeing, many like MANY “NEW” blogs out there who were just born have ALOT of ads! I’m really puzzled …. How is that possible? Blogs should have their credibility, reputation, & name in the community before having alot of ads!

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