Happy 3rd Birthday My Dear Jana


Jana has completed 3 years of happiness, craziness, screaming, shouting and beautiful moments in our life. I can’t believe how time goes by so fast. Last time I remember she was so tiny and can barely drink milk and now look at her.

This year my sister and I decided to make one birthday party for our daughters. Her baby girl turned 1 year on 25th of Sept. so agreed on the 2nd of October Friday evening to be the date of the party. Jana’s birthday is on the 5th of Oct.

The whole party was organised and decorated by @PartyOasis (instagram) which caused KD150 and we also had to spend an amount of money to buy food for the kids and guests and thank you gifts for the kids. Party Oasis did the balloons decorations, popcorn machine, 2 characters (Micky & Minnie), competitions with gifts, Dj and a huge banner with Jana & Noura’s pictures.

The cake was super amazing this year from @Gardenia_Bakery designed as Minnie Mouse in 3 pieces. I loved the flavours of the cakes, the pumpkin and the vanilla with fresh berries sauce were really good. Amazzzing.

Cake pops were also designed as Minnie Mouse from my dear @Bakerista. She’s the best in town in designing customised cake pops and they are really delicious.

Enjoy the pictures of the Birthday.













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Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Jana


Having a healthy beautiful child is an amazing blessing from Allah. Baby Jana is the best thing that has ever happened to me after I’ve lost my dear mother 9 years ago. Everyday I wake up thanking god for what I have. I’m trying to be the best mother for Jana and I want to make her happy all the time. Whether to take her out, buy her new clothes or toys, playing with her or even telling her bed time stories. And giving her the best birthdays ever.

This year, her birthday was 3 days earlier because of Eid and people travelling so we had to make it on Thursday 2nd of October but her actual birthday is on the 5th. This year’s theme was Sofia The First. She became attached to this Disney princess so much that she keeps saying her name all the time “Sopeya,,,Sopeya” 😛 So it wasn’t that difficult to think of the theme but the preparation was very tiring and the weather became so nasty :/

I ordered Sofia The First Party decorations from a website and they were delivered within 10 days, then I got to think of the setting. I chose my grandparents yard which is huge and a good location for taking pictures. After that I got to prepare the setting of the tables. I went to Caramel and ordered and 2 tiers special cake that matched the theme of Sofia and cake pops and cookies from Luscious. I went to Hawalli to get other kinds of decorations and purple fabric to cover the tables.

On the day of the party, we started getting the yard ready for the celebration. Everything screamed Sofia ❤ I’m in love with this elegant and feminine princess. Lanterns, balloons, confetti and so many things hanging on the ceiling.  The DJ people came to set their stuff and everything was ready by 5:30 pm. Imagine working from 11 am tip 5 pm in a very humid weather. I couldn’t breath after the party finished but i didm’t feel a thing while the kids were dancing and having fun.

People started arriving around 5:30 pm and the fun started immediately. All the girls wore Disney princesses and they looked so adorable ❤ They loved and enjoyed everything even though the wether wasn’t helping. my dear Juju was enjoying her day to the max, dancing and playing around. She wasn’t keen on playing games with the other girls, maybe because she’s too young to understand winning competitions and games but she loved playing with Sofia stuff that were every where.

The time came for Juju to blow her 2nd birthday’s candles. Everybody was singing Happy Birthday but Jujus was in another place, eating her marshmallow pop and smiling 😛 The cake was so delicious yum yum. All red velvet and dark chocolate.

My sweet Baby Jana, I hope one day I’ll see a grown up woman full of beauty inside and outside. Successful and smart. Married and have beautiful kids. Amazing career and life. I love you mama and I wish you all the best.

P.S. Everything has been arranged with the help of @eventful_kw ❤

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What an Amazing Birthday Gift!


Who can make my birthday so special? The one and only, my dear beloved friend Jacqui :* She makes everything so special and amazing. When I received my gift I was speechless, I really didn’t know what to say. The wrapping, the words, the details, everything was so beautiful and made from the heart. She actually did everything herself.

Just take a look at the details around the gift, aren’t they amazing? I even kept the wrapping to remember these days ❤ I love you Juju, I know I won’t find a friend like anywhere in the whole world (stop smiling lol).

Oh and the gift ,,, Yeeppppeeeeee it’s a mini iPad, a toy i’ve been thinking of buying for while but I guess someone was reading my mind.

Thank you Jamooooon :* I love you so much gal khaysa 😀

No Owls this year 😛

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An Early Birthday Gift


I know it’s too too too early to get an early birthday gift but well what can I do, I’m a woman who gets whatever she wants on time and let others pay for it lol 😛

My mac pro sucks when writing in Arabic and now that I’m a teacher, I use Arabic a lot when doing exams or writing reports. I was thinking of getting a bigger computer but when I saw this Dell with Jacqui, I thought why not get this one. It can be used as a tablet and as a computer, you can switch between screens. Like you can turn it to a tablet with lots of applications to download from the app store (android) and you can go to your desktop, like real windows desktop, hook up your wireless keyboard and voila, it’s a mini computer. Of course it’s not suitable for those who have a bad eyesight but it works just fine with me and i’m in love.

It’s so tiny, light and useful. What ever you want/need is there. There are lost of things i’m exploring tip now, because it’s loaded. I’ll write another post showing you the keyboard and mouse used with the desktop screen.

Oh i forgot to tell you the name 🙂 It’s Dell Venue 8 Pro. And it’s very very cheap. The 32g is around KD 75 on amazon and 64g (the one i got) is for KD 93 something like that.

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Baby Jana’s 1st Birthday Party


I can’t believe my little chubby duck has turned one and that she has grown so much. Time indeed flies fast and soon I’ll see her a bride (exaggeration lol).

Anyways, I wanted to celebrate her birthday with my family at first, but then I decided to make it a little bit bigger and include my friends. And baaaam the party turned out to be really big.

I’ve been planning the party decorations, desserts, savories, Dj and activities for the kids for 2 weeks. At first, I wanted to do the whole thing, the songs, the activities blah blah blah but then I realized it was going to be exhausting and time consuming considering I was having an iPad course as a teaching aid (another post). Then, I called an event company who is specialized in kids parties and such and asked them to provide me with a Dj, a host with gifts for the kids. After that, I went to a huge store in Hawally, got the bags, and the gifts to make loot bags for the kids, no one was supposed to leave empty handed and no one did.

As for the theme, I wanted to be on an owl. All of you know my love for this cute lil bird. I went online and googled printable owl theme labels and voila, got what i wanted from this website Click Here. This blog offers so many themes and I got excited when I saw this pinkish girly owl. Immediately, saved everything and started the customization. Worked on the invitations and then the labels for the loot bags. and I decided to create a huge poster for Jana’s birthday (you can see it in the pictures below). After that I started cutting and glueing everything, all hand crafted by me, the banner, the cupcakes sticks, the bottled water etc. Oh and the milk bottles, I got starbucks coffee bottles from Sultan Centre and used them with ribbons and stripped straws 🙂

Moving on to the desserts. Without hesitation, I spoke to the most talented girl on earth @Bakerista (instagram) and asked her to create the same owl on the invitation card. I trusted her and her talent and was shocked from what I received. I was thinking she will do something close to the picture but she did it as it is. The same owl, the same exact color, and the same cuteness. Well done girl and thank you so much for the gift. Everybody loved your cake and nothing has been left from it. We ate it all :*

For sugar cookies and cupcakes I went with @Littletreatsq8 (Instagram). I’ve tried their cupcakes before and they were delicious. The order turned out as I expected and delivery was exactly on time. Their store is located in Omnia mall and the staff are very helpful. They will understand exactly what you want.

The party part, Baby Jana enjoyed her time to the max even though she was a lil bit sick, she forgot all about her sickness and went to play with kids, dance and eat lots of sugar. I was so happy and over the moon because my baby girl had a blast. This party was meant to be for her but somehow I felt I was celebrating something big too. Motherhood is not an easy job at all but when you see your child happy and excited, you forget about everything and you enjoy watching your child smiling and dancing. Happy birthday my beautiful baby girl ❤ I love you so much.

At the end, I would like to thank everybody who came and the ones who couldn’t. Thank you for making Jana’s 1st birthday party so special. Jana & I love you so much :*

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Happy Birthday Baby Jana


Since Jana was born

Time has indeed flown

Her crazy character and moves

Show how much she has grown

She came to this life tiny

Look at her now she’s mighty

My baby has turned one

And many years to come

Happy 1st birthday my little shining star,

Happy 1st birthday my little chubby duck,

Happy 1st birthday my yummy pumpkin pie,

Happy 1st birthday my beautiful moon in the sky

You’re my Jana and will always be,

May Allah protect you from all evil

And hopefully one day I’ll see you a beautiful bride

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My Best Birthday Gift Ever


Having friends is an ordinary thing. But having great, loving, honest friends is very very rare specially in these days. One of the great friends I have is my dear Jacqui. I can’t tell you about this girl in words because it won’t do her justice. The sweetest, kindest, most honest loving girl on this earth. She would give you the globe on a gold plated tray if she could (Only the people she loves, can’t tell you what she’d do for those she doesn’t like hehe 😛 )

When I had Juju, she was out of the country but she managed to send me flowers congratulating me for having my lil duck in this world and when she came back, I was shocked by the amount of gift she got for Baby Jana.

And again, she was out of the country when I celebrated my birthday 3 months ago but when she came back, she passed by my home with a huge heavy box. It was really huge (I still have it). I was speechless, without even knowing what was inside it. This girl has the kindest heart ever, spontaneous and free.

Here comes the most shocking part. The box didn’t have 1 gift only, oh no, it had lots and lots of gifts individually wrapped just to make me crazy while unwrapping them (she might be evil sometimes).

Let me show you what she got me in pictures 😀

Thank you my dearest and loveliest friend Jumana, I know I will never have or find such a great friend like you at all. Therefore, you’re stuck with me forever :***

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My Birthday Gifts :)


Last June, my birthday was kinda quiet but filled with love and warmth. I really wanted to have a huge 30th birthday party but unfortunately my salary came out very late and the fun was over (maybe next year).

Some people surprised me and others didn’t forget me … from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for your kind words, greetings and gifts :*

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Thank You @Laki_Noon


On the eve of my birthday, a driver came knocking on our doors delivering a package for Madame Sarah. The shape of the box said it’s a cake but who would send a cake?

I opened the box immediately and say a beautiful owl cake with a “Happy Birthday” message. I swear I looked like a lil child with my mouth wide open 😀 I’ve always wanted someone to surprise me with an owl cake and it happened this year hehe 😀

I wondered who’s the sender and it turned out to be the beautiful ladies behind @Laki_Noon (instagram) store. I can’t thank them enough for this beautiful surprise. You’ve made my day ladies :***

The cake was by @faitmaisonq8 (instagram). The details of the cake was so beautiful and clean as you can see from the pictures. Oh and the owl, how cuuuuute ❤ The flavor was pistachio and vanilla. Never tried pistachio before because I’m a red velvet addict but this one was sooo delicious and fluffy, not heavy at all. Very light and delicious.

Again and again and again,,,Thank you lovely ladies 🙂

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Happy 30th Birthday To Me


The day has come ,,, I’m 30 years old & happy 😀

It doesn’t feel awkward at all and I don’t feel old. As a matter of fact, I feel more refreshed and full of life. I feel like I wanna do and achieve many things in this year and hopefully I will 🙂

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June, Terror, & 30


June, Terror, & Number 30
The day i’ve been waiting for is coming … On June 21st I will complete 30 years of craziness & wiseness! Not that I’m loving that day, well it’s my birthday im supposed to love it but I want to know how it will be like being 30.
Yes, it’s scaring me. Because even when people ask you about your age & you reply “29” you still feel young, there is a “2” in the left number but saying you’re “30” is kinda different! The number feels huge & big.
Will i be wiser?! Of course no doubt with that but will i be crazier?! No doubt with that too 🙂 i have lots of things to do & share with my family & beloved ones.
So whateve June 21st is hiding for me, let it be! I will be ready to face that day with a big smile on my face (ok i might be lying a bit) 😛 but for sure I will be happy to start a new chapter in my life & write every moment in it to keep it as a memory for the days to come. For the days when we’ll be old & tired. When happy & sad memories will make us smile.
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Celebrating PinkGirl’s Birthday at Shuffle Restaurant


My dear friend PinkGirl invited us to Shuffle restaurant to celebrate her birthday. The restaurant closed the place for us from 6 to 8pm to have some privacy. The place is kinda small, good for small birthdays or gatherings if you want. The atmosphere was so much fun, the loud music gave the place extra vibe & not to mention the delicious food 🙂

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait til the end & taste the cake but from the pictures it looked beautiful.

Happy Birthday 6ayooba 🙂 Love you girl :*

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