Tea Club Cafe-Bahrain


This is the most amazing place I’ve visited in Bahrain. It’s so huge, big, spacious, royal & beautiful. Located in Lagoon Park-Amwaj Islands. This place is highly recommended. Whoever is going to Bahrain must drop the Tea Club a visit.

You’ll definitely enjoy the place, the interior, the service & the great varieties of teas. Their prices are kinda good, not cheap & not expensive at the same time.

They have so many kinds of teas, you’ll get lost wondering which kind to get. I chose the Berry Berry Tea Pot & my husband got one of the Sri Lankan teas. The Berry tea was very yummmy & its taste was somehow unique but the Sri Lankan one was very regular, it tasted like any normal red tea.

We ordered some cakes too. The KitKat cake was delicious, & the Tiramisu cake was also good & very light.

I’m telling you, you should visit this place when you’re Bahrain.

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Hash House Experience-Bahrain


We were meant to go have lunch at Coco’s but it was very crowded, no place to sit & wait, they don’t call you & the weather was hot & humid around 3pm, so we decided to just go inside any of the restaurants & have a decent meal.

Hash House was close to Coco’s, the restaurant is very small, it can hold around 6 tables (4persons per table). On that day, the ac wasn’t working, they opened the windows but it didn’t do anything, it was really hot but what made us like the place was the delicious food. It was yummmmy.

Hope they will fix that ac problem because their food is really good, the place is highly recommended.

Oh & their prices are perfect, our bill came around 14 Bahraini Dinars around 11 KD.

Enjoy the pictures 😉

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@CafeLilouBah Experience-Bahrain


Many people recommended Lilou Cafe for desserts when they knew I was in Bahrain. The place is located in Adliya & mashallah was very crowded & busy but as it’s a big place, it was easy to find a table for 2 & the service was very fast & efficient.

Loved the decoration & interior, red & gold with an ancient touch. The staff was very sweet & smiley. Their prices were a bit expensive but totally worth it. We choose the Red Velvet Cheesecake which turned out to be very delicious & yummy, when you’re in Bahrain you have to try it. I had the Watermelon Cocktail & husband had the Strawberry Banana & Orange Cocktail. Both were very delicious & refreshing.

A great experience!

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Lagoon Park; Amwaj Islands-Bahrain


My dear friend TripleSisters advised me to go and visit Lagoon Park which is located in Amwaj Islands (Muharraq). Asked few people around & it was very easy getting there by car (husband driving). The place is very new, I believe it has been recently opened. It’s neither big nor small. The place has many cafes & restaurants, you’ll definitely enjoy your time there if the weather is good (it was very cool when we went there), we enjoyed the cool breeze. You can take your family there & enjoy your time, they have a play area for kids, you can rent a bicycle & enjoy taking a ride around the park, you can go jogging or walking as I did with with Juju 🙂

We really enjoyed our time there & you must visit the place when you’re in Bahrain.

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Majestic Rotana Hotel-Bahrain


When we decided to have a break & go on a road-trip to Bahrain, my husband asked me to check & take a look at Bahrain’s hotels. Majestic Rotana caught my eyes, 2 story suite for only KD 55/- & it’s a 5 start hotel. The space was very important to me because I wanted Baby Jana to enjoy her time. We booked it & wrote a remark through that we’ll be arriving early by car. After 1 day, my husband received a call from the hotel asking him when are we going to arrive & he informed them it will be around 10 to 11 am.

When we arrived, our room was ready, we didn’t have to wait til 2pm as many hotels do. The hallways’ smell was really beautiful & relaxing. Our suite was in the 3rd floor, the room was really BIG, didn’t expect it to be like that, the kitchen was also huge & very well-equipped. the living room had a welcoming oranges plate, the bedroom was also spacious & the bathroom was beautiful.

The service of the hotel was great & efficient. The staff were very helpful & nice specially a young girl called Fatima. Everybody wanted to help us in any ways possible.

The hotel opened its doors on the 13th of March 2013, we knew that when we checked out because everything was so new & beautiful so we thought of asking them.

If you’re a family & want a good hotel with a good location & space, then Majestic Rotana is your perfect choice.

Thank You Majestic Rotana for making our stay one of the best & will be remembered forever.

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Road-Trip To Bahrain


I just came back home from Bahrain. We spent 3 days there just to break the routine & have a change of atmosphere. It took us exactly 4:30 hrs to reach Bahrain passing through Saudi Arabia ofcourse & having a break to eat breakfast because we left home around 4:50 am so we needed a lil bit of energy 🙂

Saudis & Bahrainis were really nice, they didn’t make us wait at all, they made the trip very smooth.

We stayed in Majestic Rotana Hotel which has recently opened (will review it soon) & visited many cafes & restaurant which i’ll review soon nshallah.

This time, Baby Jana joined us in our trip, she was really nice & easy to handle but I won’t do it again. I won’t take her with me in any trip until she’s old enough to manage herself because I got tired taking care of her in this trip.

Bahraini people were very nice, kind & sweet. Loved the way they talk, so cute 😛 This was my 1st trip to Bahrain but won’t be the last 😉

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