Teething, Juju, & I


Believe it or not, when Baby Jana was 3 months old, she started rubbing her gums with her fingers, placing 3 fingers in her mouth 😛 and sometimes crying with no reason at all. My grandma told me that she’s teething, I didn’t believe her coz it was too early, but she explained that it takes time until the 1st tooth is out.

When she was 4 months & 3 weeks old, I felt a sharp thing in her gum,,,I start peeking & voila, it’s the tip of her 1st tooth coming out 😀 I got so excited and started calling everyone “Juju got her 1st tooth” and it’s not even out completely. I couldn’t see it because it was still not even that out, but when I touched her gum, I felt it.

Now, that she’s 5 months & 1 week old, the tooth is half way through & you can see it 😀

What has changed? Juju became very irritated, sometimes crying without any reason, she won’t calm down until I put her on my lap, she would literally chew whatever comes in her hand, drooling all the time, sometimes fever and waking up in the middle of the night because of the pain 😦

I’m giving her Kreuter’s teething gel & Adol at night only, the Dr. said do not let her body get used to medication. Some nights we enjoy a calm peaceful sleep & sometimes it’s the total opposite.

Yes, I’m very tired & exhausted, good thing that I won’t start my job these days because I won’t be able to handle it ,,, God bless working mothers who are coping with this at night & waking up in the morning to go to work & face the samething when they come back home!

This is only the 1st tooth ,,, they say it gets worse when the others come out!

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@ZainKuwait Gift to Baby Jana


I’ve received a beautiful square box from the Social Media Team of ZainKuwait saying it’s something for Baby Jana … The wrapping overwhelmed me as it had Baby Jana’s old pictures (angry ones lol). Couldn’t wait to open it & to my surprise, it was a gold necklace that had Jana’s name with a single pearl … So beautiful ❤

Thank You Zain Social Media Team … Jana will remember this gift 4ever 😀

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Happy Valentine’s Day To My Readers from Mommy & Baby Jana <3


Credits: Jacqui

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Baby Jana’s 1st Photo Shoot


As every mother, we want to capture those beautiful moments before our children grow up so fast & then we will have only memories. I did alot of researching & googling regarding who’s the best photographer in town, found many & all are great but my gut told me to go with SayCheeez Studio. A lovely Kuwaiti girl that has a home studio where she captures beautiful pictures of your child. She has the patience to wait & take lots of pictures until she gets the right one & after that you choose which one you want!

I took many clothes for Juju but i didn’t realize that it’s gonna be a hassle & it was. She got very grumpy from all the changing & settings she had to go throw (7abibty) but at the end we were able to get beautiful pictures ❤ Can’t wait to see the final results!

The nutella shot was hilarious, a lil bit of chocolate came inside her tongue & she kept on moving her tongue all the time, until I wiped it out 😛

Thank you Dalal for your patience, it was nice dealing with you & great knowing we have such talent in our beautiful country.


KD 3 per shoot & it comes in 3 sizes (4×6, 13×18, A4) Printed & on CD

Call for appointment 55062262

Twitter: @Saycheeez_photo

Instagram: @SayCheeez_photo

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Welcome To The BlogSphere


Sooner or later she’ll be joining her Mama attending events, reviewing restaurants or publishing a personal post … But wait? She had already attended an event last week *Wink* But now it’s official … Baby Jana has joined my blog! When she’s old enough to write, draw or speak, I’ll be posting on her behalf until she’s capable of doing it all by herself, maybe she’ll be attending events instead of her Mama 😉

Thank you Aunt Jacqui for the beautiful design … as always, you’re an artist ❤

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Philips Avent Baby Monitor


Juju is getting bigger mashallah & her Moses basket is becoming small for her size. It hit me that It’s time for Juju to sleep in her room because there’s no place in our bedroom to bring her babycot. The only solution was to get a baby monitor, my favorite brand is Philips Avent.

The monitor is available at Mothercare & costs KD 120 which is a total rip off! WHY? Coz I got it from Amazon + Shipment + Customs fees for only KD 60.

The device was very very easy to use, just charge it, place the batteries in the camera & voila, it will start working. Place the camera in a good location & get your monitor by your side where you can sleep in peace.

If you’re wondering about the radiation, it’s very safe to use as long as you’re placing the camera 20 cm away from your baby’s body, and this device has been tested & meets the FCC RF exposure guidelines.

Juju & I slept very peacefully last night … I’m in love with this device ❤

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Couples & Their 1st NewBorn

That day I was reading an article by Samah in Zafaf Magazine about how the 1st baby affects the life of the parents. Indeed, it does affect the life of the couples, sometimes or most of the time it has a negative effect. You see, whatever you read or attend lectures about what to expect the 1st year from your baby, trust me, it won’t do you any good. You’ll have some info on how to deal with some of the situations you’ll encounter, but mentally & physically you’ll still feel that you’re not ready, & don’t forget the depression phase. Mine lasted only 10 days, it was horrible but thank god it ended, but it tends to stretch a bit longer with others.

About my experience, the 1st month Baby Juju was very quiet, she only eats & sleeps, but nowadays she’s becoming very active & she always wants to play or make her stand. I’m becoming very tired physically, the good part about this is that I’m losing weight without even trying 😛 my husband does help sometimes, when she’s in the mood to play & I’m tired, I give her to him & he knows how to make her happy. Sometimes, when he asks me to do something for him, I tell him “Ok I’ll do it” & after 5 minutes I totally forget abou it, because I’m busy all the time with Juju. It made him very upset because it happened alot, if not all the time 😛 Now, I’m using a reminder so I won’t forget to be able to balance my life with my Husband & with Baby Juju 🙂

The thing is if you get angry when he’s angry, life won’t continue smoothly. Yes you’re tired. Yes you’re busy all the time, Yes you want to sleep & rest. But we’re women, we were created to handle alot of difficult things & we can do it 🙂

Best of luck to the moms to be or the ones who just gave birth …. You’ll get irritated from your baby for 10 minutes but you’ll be over the moon when he/she smiles, make a new sound or a new move. They’re a great gift from Allah.

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Life With Baby Jana-Part 1

Almost 2 months are gone now & life is becoming more & more beautiful with her full of funny moments & frustrating ones as well. As you can see in the picture above, she has grown mashallah. She was very very tiny when she came out early to this world, but now she’s getting bigger & taller mashallah. Her face is changing every day, one day she’s cute & adorable & the other day she looks OMG 😛 but thats very common with newborns.

The 1st couple of weeks were the hardest, I couldn’t stop crying as I mentioned in one of my posts. The surgery was very painful & recovery was hard. Going up from bed & lying down was very painful, it took me 20 days to get better. My sister took 2 weeks off from work to help me but when she got back to work the hard work started, still I had Dad helping me with few things … Changing her diapers was kinda scary because she was very small & I was worried that I might break a bone in her :/

Was that hard? Nop, the hardest was when I got back home to my apartment. When I was at Dad’s, I had many people helping me with Jana, taking her from me so I can rest for a while, watching over her when I wanted to go out for a bit, or just get a couple of hrs nap. But at home I had no one, ofcourse my husband was there but his ability to take care of Baby Jana was limited. So I had to do the work all by myself & teach him a bit. He started learning the basics 😛

Dealing with baby Jana is becoming easier el7mdellah. She has picked a routine on when to sleep/feed. Now, that she’s a lil bit bigger, I can carry her, change & play with her without being worried that I might break a bone in her. She started smiling, & making voices (ya5ty).

Now, my blogging life & Baby Jana is a hassle … Attending events, openings, restaurants ,,, etc is very difficult when you have a newborn. As I said before, I don’t trust maids with my baby, so finding someone from my family to babysit at certain hours was a hassle … I have my grandma, she’s a sweetheart & very helpful, sister, & father. Yup, my dad knows how to baby sit (bs marrat yetwahag 😛 ) I tried husband once & I had to cut trip (running errands) & come back home. That happened alot.

I love blogging alot, it’s the only thing keeping me sane along with Baby Jana 😛 It’s making me more relaxed, extra happy & giving me a piece of mind from my busy life. But I’m turning down alot of invitations coz sometimes it’s not in my hands. Baby Jana comes 1st & then my blog.

Thank you Allah for all your blessings.

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Thank You @Safat_Home

A couple of days ago, I received three huge bags from Safat Home containing lovely gift for baby Jana … Now, I can see that baby Jana is being spoiled from everyone & that I have been totally forgotten 😛 (Joking).

The gifts were really beautiful … Thank you Safat Home 🙂

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عيدكم مبارك



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Thank You @TheBonBonBaby

The Box is so cute …

Thank YOU my dear :*

Kinda large for my baby but can’t til she’s a lil bit bigger 😉


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Baby Jana’s Reception

I was shocked when I knew that my family started sending sms to all our family & friends the minute they knew that baby Jana was delivered safely …. I remember telling them that if it happens to be a c-section, make the reception the day after … did they listen? Nop they didn’t, they made it the very next day :/ I was in pain & wasn’t in the mood to welcome people! But thank god, I started getting better hour after hour & the injections did wonders.

Everything was set & ready the night before thanx to my aunts ofcourse & little sister … couldn’t make it without them! Tea, coffee, sweets & baby souvenirs were all set … We called our Turkish hairstylist (love her) to make our hair in the hospital … she managed  to finish us all in 2 hrs mashallah!

The amount of love, warmth, & kindness I’ve received was really shocking … I didn’t expect such love from all the people who came & some really shocked me when they visited me … some I didn’t know but wanted to pay me a visit & I’m really thankful for them … some couldn’t make it but managed to be there with me somehow … I’m really thankful :*

Thank You: JacquiDandermaPinkgirl@_Wada_AlnouryWrappingManiaMaraweiTripleSisters@Shosho526, @Tahanii, Q8rain

I hope I didn’t forget anyone; Bloggers, Tweeps, Instagrammers … Love you all :*

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