Jana Goes to Grade 1

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 I just can’t believe how time flies by so fast … so so fast :S

Whether this is a good thing or bad, my little one is all grown up now and she’s in Grade 1 *sniff*. She keeps saying Mama I’m big now, I can do it, I know how to do this etc. I always think that she’s always in need of my help, like constantly but it’s the total opposite. From now on, I should start to learn/coach myself how to give her her freedom, her own space to explore and experiment. I know it’s tough but I have to do this so she can be an independent woman.

I work in a school where Primary & Intermediate stages are combined so I transferred her to my school. 1st day was tough on me not on her, I kept watching her from far away and crying my heart out like a baby in need of his mother. I just couldn’t comprehend that she’s old enough to take care of herself. She felt lost at first but then she continued her day normally making a group of friends and playing with them in her break.

I wish her all the best in her life. I know success won’t be an easy path but I hope she’ll seek that path and succeed in her life and be an independent woman…My little duck :*

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A Mother Again


Almost a month ago, exactly on March 4th 2018, at 04:04 pm, I was blessed with a baby boy Abdelaziz. I couldn’t express my feelings when I saw this little one, overwhelmed with many emotions which I cannot put in words.

I can’t lie to you, the feeling were very different than when I saw Jana. Jana was in an incubator for a couple of days and I was in a lot of pain after my c-section. But with Abdelaziz, we connected immediately and I was able to hold him after a couple of hours. Still, Jana will always have that special place in my heart for she is my first child, my one and only. Abdelaziz will also have that special  place in my heart, for he came after 5 years and a half, he’s my one and only.

Even though I feel like I’m having a new baby again, everything seems easy to handle, not that because I have a previous experience, I totally forgot, but maybe because I’m wiser and older. Maybe, I’m not afraid of holding those tiny hands like before and maybe because he’s the cutest and most adorable creature I’ve ever seen 😀

I’m a mother again. A mother of 2 beautiful angels (only when they sleep) 😛 Continue reading

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Thikrayati Kuwaiti Baby Album


Last week, I received an e-mail from a lady introducing me to her home business which is a Kuwaiti Baby Album called Thikrayati (My Memories). I instantly fell in love with it and with all the details it had. I ordered one for Juju because still I didn’t arrange Juju’s pictures in albums and this was the perfect one for certain memories.

It has about the baby’s reception, first day at home, gerge’an, first outfit eid, hair cut etc. and it also has about the mommy when she was pregnant and after she gave birth etc. It’s so beautiful but it has only 1 down point. I found it a lil bit small, I mean it needed more pages, just to add more memories, but all in all, it’s the perfect gift for a newborn, and it’s only for KD 20/-

Follow her on instagram @Thikrayati_kw

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It’s Nooon Time. We Have A Walker


Yup, you read that title very well. Baby Jana started walking, like 2 weeks ago, but I was too busy to write this post. My crazy little girl started walking and I’m a proud Mama. Now, she’s often running instead of walking. The girl is having so much knowing she can reach a place or thing in a fast way.

I’ve been trying to make her walk the past couple of months but with no hope. She knew how to take few steps but she’d get scared, lower herself and crawl instead. But on that day (2 weeks ago), she started standing by herself and making noises encouraging herself that she can actually stand lol but then, the girl made few steps and fell down.  Without noticing her, she stood up and walked to my dad without falling and from that moment she came to realise that walking is fun, easy and cool hehe 🙂

I’m so happy but soooo tired at the same time. I can’t seem to sit for 5 minutes. I’m always around her because she might take the stairs and go up, god forbids she falls.

The only good thing about her walking is that she started sleeping very early. Before she used to sleep around 10 pm or so. Now she goes in a deep sleep around 8:30 pm

I have to thank my dear friend Habboush for sending Juju’s Noon to our house. Thank you Habboush :***

For those who don’t know what Nooon is; it’s a kind of celebrations where we throw candy along with money for the kids to collect and enjoy their time. The kinds of celebrations we throw Nooon for are: Baby walking, 1st tooth, collage graduation, a sick person coming out of hospital, and marriage. It’s a nice celebration where kids and adults have fun screaming and shouting and sometimes stealing the money from each others 😛

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Baby Jana’s 1st Birthday Party


I can’t believe my little chubby duck has turned one and that she has grown so much. Time indeed flies fast and soon I’ll see her a bride (exaggeration lol).

Anyways, I wanted to celebrate her birthday with my family at first, but then I decided to make it a little bit bigger and include my friends. And baaaam the party turned out to be really big.

I’ve been planning the party decorations, desserts, savories, Dj and activities for the kids for 2 weeks. At first, I wanted to do the whole thing, the songs, the activities blah blah blah but then I realized it was going to be exhausting and time consuming considering I was having an iPad course as a teaching aid (another post). Then, I called an event company who is specialized in kids parties and such and asked them to provide me with a Dj, a host with gifts for the kids. After that, I went to a huge store in Hawally, got the bags, and the gifts to make loot bags for the kids, no one was supposed to leave empty handed and no one did.

As for the theme, I wanted to be on an owl. All of you know my love for this cute lil bird. I went online and googled printable owl theme labels and voila, got what i wanted from this website Click Here. This blog offers so many themes and I got excited when I saw this pinkish girly owl. Immediately, saved everything and started the customization. Worked on the invitations and then the labels for the loot bags. and I decided to create a huge poster for Jana’s birthday (you can see it in the pictures below). After that I started cutting and glueing everything, all hand crafted by me, the banner, the cupcakes sticks, the bottled water etc. Oh and the milk bottles, I got starbucks coffee bottles from Sultan Centre and used them with ribbons and stripped straws 🙂

Moving on to the desserts. Without hesitation, I spoke to the most talented girl on earth @Bakerista (instagram) and asked her to create the same owl on the invitation card. I trusted her and her talent and was shocked from what I received. I was thinking she will do something close to the picture but she did it as it is. The same owl, the same exact color, and the same cuteness. Well done girl and thank you so much for the gift. Everybody loved your cake and nothing has been left from it. We ate it all :*

For sugar cookies and cupcakes I went with @Littletreatsq8 (Instagram). I’ve tried their cupcakes before and they were delicious. The order turned out as I expected and delivery was exactly on time. Their store is located in Omnia mall and the staff are very helpful. They will understand exactly what you want.

The party part, Baby Jana enjoyed her time to the max even though she was a lil bit sick, she forgot all about her sickness and went to play with kids, dance and eat lots of sugar. I was so happy and over the moon because my baby girl had a blast. This party was meant to be for her but somehow I felt I was celebrating something big too. Motherhood is not an easy job at all but when you see your child happy and excited, you forget about everything and you enjoy watching your child smiling and dancing. Happy birthday my beautiful baby girl ❤ I love you so much.

At the end, I would like to thank everybody who came and the ones who couldn’t. Thank you for making Jana’s 1st birthday party so special. Jana & I love you so much :*

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Happy Birthday Baby Jana


Since Jana was born

Time has indeed flown

Her crazy character and moves

Show how much she has grown

She came to this life tiny

Look at her now she’s mighty

My baby has turned one

And many years to come

Happy 1st birthday my little shining star,

Happy 1st birthday my little chubby duck,

Happy 1st birthday my yummy pumpkin pie,

Happy 1st birthday my beautiful moon in the sky

You’re my Jana and will always be,

May Allah protect you from all evil

And hopefully one day I’ll see you a beautiful bride

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The Making of Jana’s Gerge’an


Anyone living in Kuwait knows that Gerge’an favors became a habba long time ago. It’s now part of our tradition, every mother prepares Gerge’an (candy boxes) favors to her family and friends in Ramadan. Some people tend to exaggerate and others do cute stuff depending on every mother’s budget. Mine wasn’t that good but I managed to do a cute chic Gerge’an favors, after all she’s my 1st and this is her 1st Gerge’an 🙂

Thanks to Ministry of Education, my salary came out very late (27th of June) but thank god I managed to do everything in 3 weeks. My budget was KD 150 but it reached KD 170 something like that. I did 75 favors which was alot because I was preparing a quantity for a Gerge’an party which I will post about it soon nshallah but I don’t think next year I will participate in any parties, very costly lol 😛

Remember Juju’s Gerge’an Outfit? Well, I wanted her Gerge’an favors to match her outfit and mine too, call me a freak but I wanted this year to be special 😀

Anyways, I went to Baya’a Alward in Hawally (everybody knows the place) and searched for mini water pots. Found them for KD1/- 😀 bought them with matching ribbons and stuff.

Then I went to Blokat (fabric market) and searched for the same fabric, I only found one place that sells the same fabric and got the last meters :/ then I got some fabric for me to create a matching darra3a 😀 My darra3a’s cost was around KD 14 😛

Everything turned out to be perfect el7mdella, it was very exhausting but totally worth and everything documented by pictures. When Juju grows older she will know she was/is a special child 😀

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Thank You LadyB


Juju started receiving gifts (ya5ty wallah)

I’ve received a gift for Juju which was a Tee that has the print of Baby Cabbage … My favorite childhood doll. Remember my previous post about them? I’m dying to get one for Juju. They’re not available in here but I’ve found them on and will order one once Juju is old enough 🙂

The tee is sooo cute and adorable, the quality of the print is really good and the bow of the cabbage doll adds an extra touch to the look. As you can see it looks gorgeous on Baby Jana.

We loved it … Thank you LadyB.

If you want to order a tee for your baby girl, you can email her on:

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From SuperMom To IronMom

Remember my previous post SperMom? Guess what? Now I became IronMom *cries*

I remember when I applied for a job in the government sector & was accepted in the Ministry of Education as an English teacher back in January, one of the ladies working there informed & assured me that I’ll start working at the beginning of next year (Educational year) so that’s next September. I asked her so many times & she kept saying “forget about working now, you’ll start in September”. So I actually prepared myself mentally & physically for September.

When Maya (my help) told me that she wants to travel before Ramadan & before i start working, I gave her the green light & booked her a flight to her home in the middle of April. i swear after 1 week from her departure, the Ministry of Education calls me to inform me that I need to collect my papers to start the medical tests & everything to start working NOW.

I was speechless. What the ****? Haven’t you told me that I won’t start now? This ministry is really ….. (you choose the word). They made my life like hell. People there don’t do their tasks at all. The paper that you can finish n 3 hours, they tell you to come & collect it after 3 days. WHYYYYYY?

Anyways, it was really awful finishing my papers & not to mention starting my job.

My 1st day was on the 8th of May 2013. I went to the school I was assigned to & met my colleagues. I gotta say after more than 2 weeks now working as a teacher, everything looks good & better than before. Now, you only get 2 classes (that’s 2 periods everyday except the doubles so sometimes you get 3 periods). Which is soo good and not that exhausting. The books have changed (from 2007). The way of teaching & correcting exams have changed. Now you don’t stay that long correcting final exams bla bla bla.

I got off the topic 😛 How did I become an IronMom?! Well, I wake up at 6am, change my clothes, get Juju’s things, drop her at my grandma’s house, go to work, go back to grandma’s house & then back home. Either my lunch is already cooked or I have to cook at the spot, wash the dishes, put Juju to sleep, and then go to bed to get a nap or surf the net (it makes me relaxed). Then I either attend an event or go & continue with the house chores, you name it, washing clothes, toilette, ironing, cleaning the tables & not to mention taking care of Juju every now & then who wants more attention now because she’s older & she wants to play all the time. Around 9pm I feel like I have no more energy left but then I have to choose my clothes for tomorrow, iron them & then prepare my breakfast for work before I go to bed. Around 11pm I take a shower & then sleep like a dead person.

That’s what I do mostly everyday without help. Sometime’s my dad’s house help comes & do some chores because I feel exhausted & can’t move from my place/bed.

I honestly feel very tired & exhausted. Being a teacher is very tiring & energy consuming. Even when you don’t do that much at work, still I go back home feeling like a zombie.

Maya will be coming home soon & I’ll be more relaxed nshallah. I’m having dreams of her coming back home & me crying from happiness & hugging her *sniff* I think that will happen for real.

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Juju’s First Birkin *wink*


Have you seen Cristeaux’s stuff for little girls on instagram? You’ll go crazy if you have a little girl. I can’t stop ordering from the lady. She’s talented & has lots of funky stuff for your girl.

She’s been selling mini bags that are copy paste of some known brands like Chanel, Hermes, Prada, LV & so on. I wasn’t thinking of getting one for Juju as she’s very young right now to carry a mini bag but when I saw the Hermes Birkin mini bag I just couldn’t resist. It also comes in the color that I want for her in eid, because it matches her outfit. I was picturing her carrying the bag in her hands, she’d look so cute in it,,,my little angle 🙂

I gotta say it’s a little bit overpriced for a mini bag & specially for a baby (KD 20/-) but you know she’s my first joy & I gotta spoil her a bit before she grows up & starts understanding. Beside, the quality of the bag is really good.

Check out her instagram account @cristeaux you’ll be addicted to her stuff

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Teething, Juju, & I


Believe it or not, when Baby Jana was 3 months old, she started rubbing her gums with her fingers, placing 3 fingers in her mouth 😛 and sometimes crying with no reason at all. My grandma told me that she’s teething, I didn’t believe her coz it was too early, but she explained that it takes time until the 1st tooth is out.

When she was 4 months & 3 weeks old, I felt a sharp thing in her gum,,,I start peeking & voila, it’s the tip of her 1st tooth coming out 😀 I got so excited and started calling everyone “Juju got her 1st tooth” and it’s not even out completely. I couldn’t see it because it was still not even that out, but when I touched her gum, I felt it.

Now, that she’s 5 months & 1 week old, the tooth is half way through & you can see it 😀

What has changed? Juju became very irritated, sometimes crying without any reason, she won’t calm down until I put her on my lap, she would literally chew whatever comes in her hand, drooling all the time, sometimes fever and waking up in the middle of the night because of the pain 😦

I’m giving her Kreuter’s teething gel & Adol at night only, the Dr. said do not let her body get used to medication. Some nights we enjoy a calm peaceful sleep & sometimes it’s the total opposite.

Yes, I’m very tired & exhausted, good thing that I won’t start my job these days because I won’t be able to handle it ,,, God bless working mothers who are coping with this at night & waking up in the morning to go to work & face the samething when they come back home!

This is only the 1st tooth ,,, they say it gets worse when the others come out!

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@ZainKuwait Gift to Baby Jana


I’ve received a beautiful square box from the Social Media Team of ZainKuwait saying it’s something for Baby Jana … The wrapping overwhelmed me as it had Baby Jana’s old pictures (angry ones lol). Couldn’t wait to open it & to my surprise, it was a gold necklace that had Jana’s name with a single pearl … So beautiful ❤

Thank You Zain Social Media Team … Jana will remember this gift 4ever 😀

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