Live Young With Evian

So cute πŸ˜›

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How Stressed Can You Be If You Were WANTED?

Okay, it’s a very creative way of making an ad but in the same time very stupid! What if this old lady had a heart attack? Actually, I would if I was in the airport & suddenly, my name/picture started appearing infront of me saying that i’m wanted πŸ˜€

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Beautiful @ZainKuwait Eid Advertisement

I had to share it on my blog … beautiful ❀

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How Can 2 Restaurants Serve The Exact Same Dish?

*rolls eyes*

Concentrate on the above picture …. What do you see?

To be honest, I wouldn’t have noticed anything if they were separated & they came separated but in the same newspaper. You see Abdulwahab Restaurant included their flyer about their Futoor inside Alwatan newspaper & inside the same newspaper Fudruckers published their own Futoor ad.

Now, mashallah mashallah is it a coincidence or what? Both restaurants serve the same exact dessert dish! Shloooon? How is that possible? Do they have the same management? Even if they do, what makes both restaurants special if they serve the same dish? Y3ni if they have the same management, each restaurant should/must have their own signature dish, not Β share it with another one!

But that’s not the case in here …

What I have concluded is that both restaurants used photos from the internet or from websites that sell photos. I’m not sure about my conclusion but that’s the only reasonable thing I can think of.


They share the same management, the same chef & they wanted to add the same dish in both restaurants!

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Blogs & Advertisements

Blogs & Ads can be a tricky subject to discuss! Blogs are considered the cheapest yet most efficient mean for advertising, that’s why alot of bloggers are being approached these days. Whether it’s a huge company or a small business, all will benefit equally from this certain blog!

The question is, do you consider this blog trustworthy if it has alot of ads? I want to hear the opinions of regular readers! There are many blogs out there that have (mashallah) alot of ads & they’re still trustworthy, but some are not!

To be frank, i’ve been approached a couple of times from people wanting to add their ads on my blog, the offer from both companies wasn’t that good & they had their own conditions so I refused. But from what I’m seeing, many like MANY “NEW” blogs out there who were just born have ALOT of ads! I’m really puzzled …. How is that possible? Blogs should have their credibility, reputation, & name in the community before having alot of ads!

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If You Get Fat Then You’re A Bad BAD Girl

According to this stupid InTown Restaurant Ad. If you get fat then you’re a bad girl but if you stay thin then you’re a GOOD girl. Not getting near rest at all. Khla yenfe3ooonhom el thin girls, i mean el good girls!

Supporting my fellow bloggerΒ JacquiΒ in this campaign against InTown Ad

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Childhood Memories From ZAIN

I was overwhelmed by this beautiful gift from Zain. I felt like a kid, holding both No3man & Malson, hugging them felt o good hehe πŸ˜› My lil cousin Rayan didn’t wanna let go of No3man, i had to yell at her so she would give it back to me πŸ˜€ & The USB is sooo cute πŸ˜‰

Cute USB

My cousins 7adhom mestanseeen! hehe

Rayan was so happy holding No3man πŸ˜€

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Best Ad In Ramadan

I’m not a TV person because somehow our TV Channels’ Programs irritate me, so I rarely watch anything on TV. My TV shows are watched either on my PC or my iPad. That’s why I just came to discover this ad. Best ad ever, it gave me goosebumps. I had a flashback about childhood * sigh*

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What An Irony?

I saw this huge ad at Carrefour about not using plastic bags & keeping the environment safe but at the same time, they’re still using plastic bags, huh!!!

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Loving Advertisements

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Mahone & Sarah @ 360 Mall

Yesterday, when i was @ 360, i saw this HUGE ad of this new store that will be opening soon called sacoor. What attracted me is the famous characters from the amazing TV show Prison Break. I just couldn’t help it but have a big smile all over my face because it reminded me of those good old days when the whole family used to sit around the TV and start watching PB πŸ™‚

I will make sure to give it a visit when it opens πŸ˜€

Mahone is HAWT πŸ˜›

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