Jared Leto’s Look Alike: A GIRL

When I saw this on the net I literary freaked out! How can a girl literary transforms herself to look like Jared Leto from only using just make up?! She’s an artist! Take a look at the video but first check out Jared Leto, how he was such a cute pie & how he messed up his looks for the sake of his band!

Damar shamel *faints*

yakh ew yakh ew yakh ew

Now take a look at the girl @@!

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I Love: Edward Norton

Now this is a real EDWARD *hearts*! He’s one of the best actors out there, almost all of his movies are amazing! for me, i’ve never seen a movie for him where i felt bored! His acting skills are almost real! It’s like he’s not acting, he’s the real character! You easily get into the mood of any movie he acts in!

He has such a baby face but that’s not in issue when it comes to movies such as American History X!!! That was the 1st movie i saw for him and from that day, he’s been added to my list! That movie didn’t let me sleep for weeks remembering that seen where he put that guy’s face on the street and just smashed it with his leg *shuts eyes*! you loath him at first but as his character develops you begin to feel pity and love for him at the same time! specially at the end 😦

I saw 25th hour, Pride and Glory, and The Painted Veil and others! The Painted Veil was like no other! I cried and cried like this was for real!!! 😦 If you haven’t watched this movie, you have to watch it!!!!! Amazing one!

“UN names actor Edward Norton as celebrity advocate for preserving biodiversity”

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Remember Him?!

I can’t believe it!!! It’s WALT!!!!

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Jensen Ackles Ties The Knot!

Yaaaaaa lahweeeee . . . 9awaaaateeeee yammaaaaaaah LOL

Jensen Ackles tied the knot last night or this morning (timing confusion) to his long time girlfriend Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill) *sniff*! I;ve always had hope that he will leave her one day and that he will turn his head and see my shining smiley face there waiting for him and that he will commit to me but damn that guy is literary charmed by that Danneel which I really can’t remember her face in the show coz I stopped watching it when it started getting cheesy!!!

Anyways, just wanted to break the news for u all to share my grief! One hottie is Gone Baby Gone!

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Awaiting Bollywood This Month

Mark your calendars Masala Lovers! May will be full of adventures and passion

Shahid Kapoor teams up with Anushka Sharma in Badmaash Company which will be released on the 7th of May (This Week)! I don’t know how this movie will turn out to be and honestly, i don’t care!! it’s SHAHID 😀

This movie will be a HIT!!! Hrithik Roshan *sighs* and Barbara Mori in one movie . . . Hold your breath people 🙂 and it will be a mix of Hindi, Spanish & English . . . Can’t wait to see it, it will be released on the 21st of May 😉

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Movie Review: The Back-Up Plan

I’ve just finished watching this movie and let me tell you that it put a big smile over my face and it made me laugh out loud (not all the time but in some scenes). Don’t expect anything unique in this movie, it’s a chick-flick, romantic-comedy, and a very light one to watch and enjoy with ur sister, ur friends, or just alone like I did 🙂

It’s all about pregnant women, What do they go through, mood swings, hormones,,,and how men deal with it!!! Naaaaah, that’s not the big picture, it’s totally something different, i’ll leave it to you to find out! Jennifer Lopez is stunning as always and Alex O’Loughlin is hotter than ever 😛

Watch it online: The Back-Up Plan

I liked J Lo’s song from the movie’s soundtrack

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