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Book Review: Beside Myself


This is one of the weirdest and most enjoyable books I’ve ever read so far. It frustrates you, makes you mad, upset, angry and all those awful feelings, you get them for real. The concept of the story is new, or maybe this is my first read for this kind of plot.

The story is about two identical twin sisters that swap places/identities at the age of 7 when they were playing a game, but things find another way when Ellie won’t swap back to her identity and keeps acting as if she is Helen. Helen becomes frustrated and tries to tell her family the truth but everybody thinks that she has mental problems, when Ellie is the one who is having some issues dealing after the death of her father.

At the beginning, you get really confused trying to connect the dots together, who is who. Ellie, Helen, and Smudge. The story goes back in time and then back to real life with different personality. You can see how young Ellie is different from the grown up Ellie and the same goes for Helen. And I was also wondering if the mother herself is suffering from mental illness for not admitting the problems her daughters were going through or when she denied the incident that happened to Helen who’s supposed to be Ellie and called her a MONSTER. It’s a bit confusing, but the ending left me heart broken:/

The plot is really good, the characters are beyond amazing, how she shaped them, from up to low and the other way around. Dealing with mental illness with a family that doesn’t want to admit there is a problem and neglecting it shows that to could lead to many other problems.

Well done Ann Morgan.

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Silk Restaurant Experience @AlthurayaCity Crowne Plaza


When I stayed in the newly renovated Crwone Plaza located in Farwaniya city, I had the chance to try some delicious dishes in Silk restaurant which is the main restaurant of the hotel and located in the middle just infant of the lobby. I love the design of this hotel, everything is in the open with bright sunlight above you.

We went down from our Royal Suite around 1:30 pm because we were really hungry and started looking at the menu that had a variety of dishes. They also have healthy menu, for those who are dieting! But seriously, who goes on diet when on vacation or relaxation mood?😛

We ordered Lobster Soup and Avocado Shrimp Salad for starters, I have to say both were really amazing but the best is the Avocado Shrimp Salad … HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Main dishes were: Mini Trio Burgers with Brie Cheese, Seas Bass, Mushroom Risotto and Tenderloin Steak (medium well-done) … All these dishes turned out to be really REALLY good. Honestly, I had a hard time deciding which is the best of them all. But my favourite were the Sea Bass served on a bed of sweet potato and the Mini Trio Burgers served with melted Brie cheese …. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. All of them

We ended our feast with Kind Kunafa that had something different in its taste which was really nice and unique. Loved the whole experience.

And at  night, we went back to the restaurant to have light dinner. We ordered Shrimp Mango Pizza and Lobster Dumplings … Oh that Pizza *yumminess*

You have to try the place.

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Crowne Plaza Althuraya City Experience


I was offered a short stay from the Marketing staff of Althuraya City Crowne Plaza to try The Royal Suite, services, Silk restaurant, the spa and other facilities. This was supposed to happen back in April but for some matters it didn’t happen. But, fortunately I was able to go there last weekend (Friday) and I had to say that i had one of the best weekends ever; from pampering to delicious food etc.

Crowne Plaza has been renovated to a more chick and elegant hotel. It’s more modern and filled with sunlight, unlike the old one. This one is more relaxing, quiet and filled with serenity. I liked the design of the lobby and the restaurant.

We arrived there around 12:40pm, the reception asked us to wait for a while. After few minutes our Royal Suit was read *dances*. I have to say that the room was really really big, I didn’t expect it to be that BIG. It contains; one business room, dining room open to the living room which is larger than my own apartment hehe😛 There’s also a toilet for guests, kitchen, then a dressing room leads to the main bedroom and inside the bedroom there is one of the best bathrooms I’ve ever seen; all black and gold, 2 sinks, jacuzzi, huge shower place and separate toilet. All toilet stuff are from Bulgari, just amazing.

When we went inside the room, we found delicious dates covered with chocolate and pistachio waiting for us yum yum and also there were 2 trays, one filled with mini desserts and the other one filled with finger food *yumminess* We munched on them all day long.

We really enjoyed our time watching TV, surfing the net, ordering coffee and desserts. I have to say that it took them a while to bring the Turkish Coffee but they’ve actually informed us that it will take this certain time to arrive which is acceptable. I liked this about them, giving their guests a timing for their order.

Loved my stay…Posts will be coming about Silk restaurant and Aquatonic Spa.

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BRW Coffee Experience-360 Mall


A couple of weeks ago I wanted to try the newly opened coffee shop which is part of Open Flame Kitchen restaurant called BRW Coffee.

We went there on Friday afternoon around 5pm and as expected it was crowded but what wasn’t expected is that the staff told us that we have to wait 3 hours for a table just to drink coffee! I was really astonished. I told them it’s just coffee and we want to sit outside not inside the restaurant. They told us the tables outside are part of the restaurant! As if I didn’t know that!!!! Why haven’t they separated the coffee shop from the restaurant?!

Anyways, we left then came back on a weekday which was Monday I believe and they also told me I have to wait 30 minutes until a table is available, I said fine, I can do window shopping in 30 minutes.

I came back and they called me and gave me a table outside the restaurant. I ordered Cortado coffee and Caramel Donuts. The order arrived immediately, it didn’t take time to prepare it. Thank god, the busyness of the place didn’t affect the coffee shop. Then I ordered the Iced Cube Latte.

All in all, I loved the experience, loved the kinds of coffee I tried, loved the service, the atmosphere and the prices were very reasonable. But I wouldn’t come back to enjoy coffee on a table because it will take a lot of time to be seated. I’d go back to have coffee to go.




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Afternoon Tea at @AlthurayaCity Crowne Plaza Hotel


Today, I was invited to try the newly addition to the menu of Silk restaurant located in Althuraya City Crowne Plaza Hotel (@AlthurayaCity)

Let me give a brief introduction about the hotel. It’s a new modern hotel which opened its doors a couple of months ago. It’s part of 3 hotels; Holiday Inn (The old one), Althuraya City Crowne Plaza (The new one) which I’ll be reviewing and posting about it by the end of May, and Intercontinental Hotel which began construction and will be taking a while till it opens its doors.

Silk restaurant is the main restaurant of the hotel and I’ll be reviewing the menu soon inshallah but today I had the opportunity a selection of fine desserts, scones and sandwiches.

The 3 level tower had amazing desserts, fine delicious scones and light sandwiches. My favourite was the scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, yumminess. Highly Recommended:) The salmon sandwich was also yummy and light, totally English style. And mini chocolate desserts with raspberries (my favourite fruit) was enjoyable.

We also had Chocolate Milk Fondue and it was amazing…Loved it with the marshmallow and the fruit. A great side with the tray. And because I’m a coffee person, I had coffee with all those yummy delights.

It was a nice hour spent in the afternoon with the team of Crwone Plaza Hotel and the interior of the hotel at night is so relaxing with all the colours and greens.


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A Treat from @DallahKuwait


A couple of weeks ago, I received a lovely package from our friends @DallahKuwait containing their new addition to the menu and Arabic Coffee Dallah *yumyum*

Of course, you have to know something, that whatever they add it has to be amazing. This time it was heavenly delicious. They have created Mini Caramelised Pecan Bites … Oh ma lord, yummy, chewy and glittery. One is not enough, you keep on having bite after bite without you noticing that the box is about to be empty.

I really loved it❤

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1919 – أحمد مراد


امراه في العقد الرابع سجيت فوق مرتبه نحيله كالخرفه المهترئه تغطيها بطانيه من الصوف تشبعت عرقا و قيئا دمويا و رطوبة لزجة، ستة أيام” خلت على الوهن الذي دب في الاوصال مرخيا حبائله على جسد كان يموج فتنة و حياء”.

رواية اعجبتني بكل تفاصيلها و شخصياتها و الاحداث التاريخيه الموثقه بالاماكن و التاريخ.

أبطال هذه الرواية ابطال حقيقيون كان لهم دور كبير في ثورة ١٩١٩ التي لم اعرف عنها شيء الا من خلال هذه الرواية و جعلتني ابحث اكثر و اكثر عنهم لأقراء عن ماضيهم و بطولاتهم، و لكن تم تغيير في الاحداث خصوصا الاحداث الخاصه بحياة الابطال الشخصيه (من الخيال).

قلم أحمد مراد جريء و جميل في نفس الوقت،،،اعجبني جدا تطور شخصيات الروايه و خصوصا عبدالقادر اللذي لم اتخيله بأن يصبح هذا الشهص على الاطلاق، دولت المرأه الصعيديه اللتي نسيت العادات و التقاليد بسبب الحب، و أحمد اللذي حطمه الحب و الحياة في مصر اصبحت لا تطاق لذلك هرب الى اسطنبول.

الحوارات المصريه الصعيديه كانت جميله جدا

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Fine Dining at @Fauchon_Kuwait Le Gourmet Cafe


A new branch of Fauchon has just opened its doors to its comers with a new concept only in Salhiya Mall (inside the mall). I first though it was the one outdoors but then I discovered there is another one inside the mall.

Now this branch offers fine dining/luxury dishes that are not served in the other branches, only in this one and I was invited to try their new signature dishes and especially the interactive desserts dishes.

The fine dining dishes have a separate menu, also looks really nice and elegant, covered with white leather and gold embossing or maybe silver😛 can’t actually remember.

For starters, we ordered the Salmon Millefeuille and Calamari Tempura Salad. Both dishes were amazing, especially the salad, yummy with that greenish sauce.

Later on, we continued with Fresh Oysters (huge ones) served with butter and bread, now this dish was really a winner. I was looking every where in Kuwait for this dish but couldn’t find and now Fauchon Le Gourmet Cafe has it on the menu. Also we tried the yummy Escargots (snails) with a delicious green sauce. It was really amazing, loved the whole experience with the special silverware and all. It’s a must try.

After that we finished our lunch with Beef Carpaccio and Creamy Lobster dish. I can’t tell you how awesome those dishes were, mind blowing. A MUST TRY. You can’t skip having these dishes when you’re there.

The ending was with their signature interactive desserts dishes which are new and unique. We tried three dishes. Eggpectations (Coconut, pineapple,chocolate) which was my favourite, the combination of the ingredients was really amazing especially with the mint. My aunt loved Fauchon forest which had ice cream, dates and chocolate, she said it was the best. And we also tried the Lotus Brownie cake which was okay.

Thank you Fauchon……Can’t wait to go again and try other dishes:)

I’m loving the photos❤







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Mini Molten Cakes by @_Gathering_


A couple of days ago, I received a huge bag from @_gathering_ having 2 boxes inside it. I wondered what could it be?

A big box was filled with mini molten cakes,,,the same flavours but with a smaller size, which I find better than the older size. With this cute mini molten cup, you can actually have more than 1 flavour😀

The smaller box had mini bites of Salted Pecans … so delicious and 2 bites are not enough at all. Loved the whole package.

Thank you @_gathering_




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Creation Burger Experience


Every Saturday, we all gather at my grandparents’ house in Mishref on a delicious Kuwaiti feast and sometimes International dishes are added to the table. But one Saturday, we decided to change our routine and get away from home made Kuwaiti food and order a burger station.

My brother chose @CreationBurger because he had tried it long time ago with his friends. Why not?

They arrived on time fully equipped and started preparing the mini burgers/sliders. They were 2 ladies who were smiling all the time and served us in a great way, we loved dealing and chatting with them

The quality of the meat and chicken was really good, loved it, not to mention the buns and the variety of sauces they had with them.

It was a great experience. You should all try them.

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Aprons & Hammers-Dubai


I’ve always wanted to try this place ever since its opening. I wanted to arrange so many visits to Dubai just for the sake of this place but nothing worked. Now, that I was there for the Emirates Literature Festival, I wanted to go to it so badly.

We went to the one in Sheikh Zayed Boulevard but they’ve told us it’s closed because of the fire that happened in new year. So we took another taxi and went to the one in Jumeirah Beach Road. Imagine, it took us more than 2 hours to reach the restaurant in JBR. The traffic was awful but we were on the road and the place was on our mind, so there was no way we were changing our destination.

We reached the place around 7pm and good thing we found a table outdoors, hence the lovely weather. We ordered Clams, Crab Bucket and Lobsters. Everything turned out to be more than amazing. I really can’t describe the taste, mind blowing:) We ordered the Crab Bucket with Creamy Lemon Butter sauce and the Lobsters with Creamy Saffron Sauce.

Just amazing.




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دروز بلغراد: حكاية حنا يعقوب-ربيع جابر


ربيع جابر … ابداع في الروايات التاريخيه❤️

حكاية حنا يعقوب اللذي تم اعتقاله فجر يوم أسود بعد ان خرج من بيته ليبيع البيض المسلوق و لكن تم شمله مع المنفيين من الدروز اللبنانيين لاعتدائهم و قتلهم المسيحيين في لبنان بعد ان تم رشوة الضابط ليستبدله مع احد ابناء الشيخ غفار و حل محل ابنه سليمان.

قضى حوالي اثنا عشر سنه في الحبس و التعذيب و الجوع و العمل الشاق و الامراض و الوباءات،،،كل هذا من غير سبب. كل ما كان يريده هو ان يعود لزوجته هيلانه و ابنته برباره اللتي تركها و هي صغيرة جدا.

“خيموا عند سفوح تلال صخرية فيها كهرف غير عميقه تضيء من ظلمتها عيون صفراء. أشعلوا نارا فاختفت العيون. أصوات الجبل منعتهم من النوم. كأن أشجاره تحكي. الهواء ساكن حيث استلقوا و السماء شاهقه مزروعة بالنجوم”.

وصف معاناة السجناء و ترحيلهم من مكان الى مكان وسط الجبال الموحشه القارسة البرودة يجعل القارئ يشعر و كأنه من ضمن المحابيس الدروس ،،، يعيش معهم الامهم النفسيه و الجسديه ،،، طريقة سرد القصه جميله جدا، كئيبه و حزينه جدا و لكنها اتقنت وصف المعاناة على اكمل صورة، خصوصا وصف وباء الكوليرا.

اقشعر جسدي بعد ان انهيت قراءة اخر صفحه و اخر سطر في الرواية

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