Jana Goes to Grade 1

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 18.26.06

 I just can’t believe how time flies by so fast … so so fast :S

Whether this is a good thing or bad, my little one is all grown up now and she’s in Grade 1 *sniff*. She keeps saying Mama I’m big now, I can do it, I know how to do this etc. I always think that she’s always in need of my help, like constantly but it’s the total opposite. From now on, I should start to learn/coach myself how to give her her freedom, her own space to explore and experiment. I know it’s tough but I have to do this so she can be an independent woman.

I work in a school where Primary & Intermediate stages are combined so I transferred her to my school. 1st day was tough on me not on her, I kept watching her from far away and crying my heart out like a baby in need of his mother. I just couldn’t comprehend that she’s old enough to take care of herself. She felt lost at first but then she continued her day normally making a group of friends and playing with them in her break.

I wish her all the best in her life. I know success won’t be an easy path but I hope she’ll seek that path and succeed in her life and be an independent woman…My little duck :*

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