Spain-May 2017


Last year, I’ve travelled to Spain for the first time in my life and loved the whole trip from the beginning till the end. I totally forgot to write about it but hey, it’s never really too late.

The trip started from Madrid, we stayed there 2 nights in an amazing hotel (forgot the name) but it’s located infront the train station. We did some shopping, site seeing, walking and we went to a flamingo dance with dinner and spent the whole night enjoying Spanish music, dance but not the food, it was horrible hehe 😛

Then, we took the train fro almost 3 hrs to Malaga where we stayed in a good/bad hotel. Well, its location was bad but the hotel itself was good. And from there we visited many cities, such as: Ceuta, Mijas Pueblo, Puerto Banus, Fuengerula, Algaziras, and Gibraltar which we saw only from afar because it is a British Territory and they wouldn’t let us in because we didn’t have valid visa. Well, who cares, at least we saw the mountain.

It was a very nice and short trip, around 7 days. Malaga itself was amazing, i loved everything about Spain; the food, the people, the weather, the streets and it wasn’t expensive at all.



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