Book Review: The Gods of Gotham


This book deserves more than 5 stars … Whatever I’m going to write in this small review rectangle won’t do it justice. The characters, the setting, the buildings, the words and language used, just amazing. This book is a historical fiction and the writer did a great job in doing her research before writing this book.

This is the first sequel of Timothy Wilde adventures. If Timothy was a real life character, I’d marry him without thinking ❤ I can’t explain to you how I’m in love with his character, attitude, kindness and cruelty to those who are doing harm to innocent people.

The story falls back in 1845 when a huge fire destroyed many pars of New York and the Potato Famine hitting Ireland and sending the Irish to New York … All these incidents changed the fate of many in NY City and the NYPD was formed to keep its citizens safe.

After being scarred physically and emotionally, Timothy Wilde takes the job as a copper star offered to him by his older brother Valentine. Because it’s the only job he can have after being disfigured. Angry and frustrated n the streets of New York, he meets little Bird who’s all covered in blood … is it hers? Later on ,,, investigation leads to finding 19 dead bodies of young children, hatred letters from the man calling himself The Hand of The God of Gotham. Timothy promises to keep Bird safe and find out who killed those little kids … while trying to find out who really killed those children, Tim learns a dark secret about the woman he loved all his life that will leave him shattered to pieces!

The novel discusses many aspects of that era in New York. Religious, political, romantic, financial, scientific, women’s freedom etc. From what I think, this book can be taught in universities and schools because it’s just amazing. Loved it

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