Book Review: Seven For A Secret


Wow … Just wow 😀 It took me a week to finish this book, not because it was boring or anything but because I had to travel and run some errands that’s why I couldn’t finish sooner. I actually couldn’t put it down, it was very interesting and unique in its own way. To tell you the truth, I haven’t read the 1st sequel, I felt lost regarding the characters backgrounds but I managed to move on with the story because it’s not related to the first sequel somehow.

Meet the Wilde brothers, star coppers who are trying their best to clean New York from corruption, slavery and other criminal acts, but how can they do that when the people they work with are the ones ruining the city and breaking the law.

I loved Timothy’s character, he’s so adorable and vulnerable in his own way. Sensitive and tough at the same time, trying his best to save the city and its citizens. Inters his crazy brother Valentine, who’s older than him and a little bit lunatic (exaggeration), his character is funny and witty, just adorable. They both try to save the lives of Black-White woman and her nephew.

The plot was written in a very clever way, the beginning, the climax and the ending were really unpredictable at all. I didn’t see that coming. And regarding the characters and the confusion the reader is left with, totally awesome. Leaving the reader to decide who is this character!? (No Spoilers).

Won’t be my last book for Lindsay Faye …. Looking forward to reading all her books 😀

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