Book Review: The Ex


I was really looking forward for this book. Can’t say I’m disappointed but at the end, you come to figure out that the story is overused. We’ve seen it in movies and other books but in a different way. Don’t want to ruin it for you or write any spoilers, but it was okay.

The writing style was easy, reading pace was fast because I wanted to know who really did it! It was a page turner. If you’re into lawyers, cases, courtrooms, judges, evidence and stuff like that then this book is good for you. Giving it 3 or 3.5 stars doesn’t mean it’s bad, no actually it was good but needed something extra special to make it wow.

Olivia Randall, a successful lawyer comes to the rescue of her Ex whom she ruined his life 20 years ago. Jackson Harris is charged with 3 murders, one of the victims is a famous New Yorker and a very popular name in the media after the Penn Station shooting.

Loved Olivia’s character, I saw something of her character in me. She dislikes routine and boredom and tries to break her routine by ruining the people very close to her. Now Jackson’s character was very hard to comprehend, it looked unreal because I don’t know you can find men like that anymore in our world but maybe there are.

This is my first reading for Alafair Burke and won’t be the last.

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