Book Review: Thirteen Ways of Looking


A book consisting of a novella and other short stories? How boring can that be? I really don’t like short stories because I always feel that you cannot get attached to a character or a plot. But this book proved me wrong. I laughed a lot and got frustrated a lot … such a funny and amazing book.

The author takes us in a journey of faith, religion, self-esteem, exploration of the soul and how we can live with each others in peace never minding neither our race nor religion.

The novella (short story) is a bout a retired judge who became very old, lost his power and became dependant on others to help in his daily life. He used to have the power/control over people now it’s the other way around. It takes about his last day in life, before he dies. The humour in this short story was really amusing, i loved the authors description of everything, how the previous generations see things now in modern life and how everything has changed to something not quiet bad or good.

The next story was very short … I didn’t relate to it that much because I felt it was useless.

Sh’khol was really amazing … loved how the author showed the overwhelming love of a mother to her child that it made him lose confidence or not know how to deal with things on his own … an accident happens and then the mother realises that it’s time for her to give her child space and let him explore the world even when he’s handicapped.

The last one is one that made me frustrated. It talks about a woman who was brutally abused and beaten by someone who later becomes a man of power. The ending of this story was really powerful, how she confronted him and confronted herself with all the scars on her body. Beautiful.

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