Book Review: The Girl On The Train


I finished this book in less than 2 days, I honestly couldn’t put it down because it was a real page turner. It starts really fast and things build up quickly but then it slows down a bit, later it goes really fast and bam … THE ENDING! Which really shocked me! It was almost an open ending, depending on how you want to see it and that’s what I like about literature, it’s up to your imagination. Love it.

The story about a girl who takes the commuter train from Euston to London twice a day, passing by the old house that she used to live in 2 years ago. Not wanting to remember the past, she creates a beautiful life of a couple living just few doors from her previous house, but then she sees something and the next day, she finds her self bruised and has blood on her. She tries to remember but it has been blocked out. What did really happen that day?

The characters were brilliantly built and developed. Living with someone you really don’t who they are will just make you wonder about your own life. Rachel is a maniac, Anna is ***** and Meghan is someone who is trying to make her boring life more exciting which leads to life threatening events. Scott & Tom are really something, won’t talk about them, I’ll leave them to you to explore.

The story talks about the need of men in women’s life and vice versa. How desperate one can be to love and be loved. What they’d do to make then in their life, the extreme actions they’d take just to be with them and how this can change in heartbeat when betrayed.

The debut novel was really great. Looking forward for upcoming books by Paula Hawkins

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Girl On The Train

  1. MGE

    I really tried to like this book given all the hype it received. Alas, after less than 45 minutes, I stopped. It might have something to do with the way it’s narrated since I got the audiobook version to listen to while I’m on my way to work. It was just too depressing. Still receives high ratings nonetheless.

    • Yeah I guess the beginning is a bit depressing but it gets better as your read through the chapters and how the plot gets that twist is really amazing. I guess it depends on your mood and on what you like reading to enjoy your time 🙂

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