Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling


Just brilliant. I really loved reading the first book of the Comoran Strike series. I’ve accidentally picked the 2nd book without knowing that it’s a series of a private detective and his assistant, and without me knowing that the writer is J.K. Rowling herself. After reading The Silkworm, I became attached to the style of writing, the amazing details and how the plot is written and twisted. I did some googling and found out that it’s a series of books having Strike & Robin as the main characters. So I picked the 1st book to form a background for the 2 main characters.

Boy was it fabulous. I enjoyed reading every detail, every page, ever conversation in this book. The crime and how it was written and formed was just mind blowing, I mean, I doubted so many characters but never came close to the main character. After finishing the book, I kept asking myself “What was going inside her head when she wrote this book?”

I’m going to start with the characters and talk about them for a bit. Comoran Strike, is an army man who got injured in Afghanistan, lost his foot and came back to work as a private detective. Having financial problems and got dumped by his fiancé whom he hasn’t bought a ring for. Then comes Robin, his temporarily assistant, who’s very clever and sufficient. She’s engaged to Matthew whom you come to dislike later on (Book 2) and who likes her job a lot and very good at it. They form a great team in investigating crimes.

Now, the story is about an adopted black model Lula Landry, who commits suicide from her balcony after being witnessed being happy and satisfied, but all the evidence say that she jumped from her balcony, except for her brother John Bristow who hires Strike to investigate the death of his sister, unfolding dirty family secrets and past

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