Namaste Indian Breakfast


Last month, when I was on spring break, I wanted to try as many places as possible. One of them was Namaste, I wanted to try their Thali Breakfast which is all about the tray, small copper bowls and delicious taste.

The place is really small, but the decoration is beyond amazing. Loved all the Indian colours, drawings and furniture.

The menu is displayed on an iPad which makes it great to choose from when you don’t know all the Indian names of traditional dishes.

We tried 2 dishes, the Thali breakfast and Egg Dhal or something (I forgot the name but the picture is down below). Everything turned out to be perfect, delicious and the quantity was beyond fulfilling. Not to mention, it was reasonably priced.

I advise you to visit it on weekends and try their breakfast. I’m looking forward to try their lunch/dinner dishes.



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2 thoughts on “Namaste Indian Breakfast

  1. Addy Vinces

    location ?

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