Book Review: The Demonologist


Okay, I’ve never ever read a book from this genre or horror-like genres so I was pretty scared and terrified reading this book, especially when you have a wide imagination and can turn words into pictures and see everything in front of you while you read.

The first scene that got me terrified was the one in Venice :/ and the other one in the yard while he was talking to Belial in the swing :S The writing, the details and the description of everything in the story was just magnificent. Yes, I got a little bit bored wanting to know what’s the purpose/reason for the devil to choose him but ….

The ending was left really wide open. Whether he chose good and rewarded with something he was seeking or he chose evil and was given what he was promised. What each character represented. Thin woman–> Devil. The pursuer –> The Church. That’s my interpretation.

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