Book Review: The Coincidence of Coconut Cake


I can’t describe my feelings for this book in words because words won’t do this book justice. It’s just amazing, beautiful, dreamy, delicious, yummy, heavenly, beyond amazing, mouth watering etc. You name it. As if you’re having a delicious meal and reading a book at the same time.

I’ve never read Culinary Romance before, and I’m new to this genre but all I can say is that I’m hooked and will be addicted to this genre very soon and to the writer of this book Amy Reichert.

The story itself is simple and fun to read, nothing out of the ordinary but how it’s written and shaped makes it really interesting and beautiful. You can see through out the novel how the two main characters Lou and Al’s persona change and develop becoming better persons because of positivity and love. How someone is willing to change his bad attitude for the person he/she loves. How we become blind for people who don’t really deserve us. And finally, how food has a great affect on our life.

I can’t wait for her next book which is coming out this July and I’m already searching for other Culinary Romance books ❤

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