Caffeine Experience-Somu Kuwait


Everybody has or went to Somu in Souq Almubarikiya. Which is a new yard filled with chic and elegant cafes and restaurants not to mention small shops where you can enjoy shopping in them after finishing your meal or coffee.

I’ve tried Brothers Burger before so many times and I was always intrigues by the blue coffee shop next to it but I’m always full and can’t put a drip of coffee in my belly.

Last week, my friend and I decided to enjoy coffee and try some newly opened coffee shops in Sharq, which I’ll write about later on.

The winner was Caffeine for it served the best and strongest coffee ever. Now, I can’t really compare it to the others because we tried several kinds of coffee, but this one was the best from presentation, to taste, to customer care and quality.

We chose the Syphon coffee and it took more than 10 minutes to prepare. We waited in the seatings outdoors enjoying the lovely weather. And then came the best cup of coffee ever. Black as the night, strong as a warrior.

I loved it ❤






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