Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See


I usually hate long books that are filled with tiny details because I get bored so easily and hate reading books that seem won’t finish any time soon, but I have to say that I’ve enjoyed my time reading this book and didn’t want it to end. Reading it made me feel as if I was in a very calm dream, even though it had war in it. I loved how 2 strangers from 2 different countries managed to meet at the end of the story and share feelings which they didn’t have the chance to explore or develop.

The writing was so beautiful and smooth, the writer managed to develop the characters and move them from one place to another smoothly and calmly as if he was a child playing with his toys and enjoying the game. Loved the style and the story.

Now, about the story, the plot was about The Sea of Flame and how everybody took extreme measure to find it and how others risked their lives to hide it. but at the end? What happened to it? We don’t really find out. The writer leaves that to you but I have my own version of its whereabouts.

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