Book Review: Game of Thrones (Song of Ice & Fire) Book 1

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It took me ages to finish this book. A book that is made of many sequels and has many many characters is not my kind of book, but I’ve heard and read a lot about it and wanted to read it so bad. The crowded characters made it almost impossible to read this book not to mention the writing is really difficult and not easy for the eyes. I wanted to read the books first and then watch the show but because the book was very difficult to comprehend with all the kingdoms, families, names and groups, people suggested that I watch the show first so that I can know the characters and reading will be easier. And it did.

The writing style is beyond magnificent with all the details and descriptions. The characters are really good, I can’t imagine an author with such gift creating so many great characters in one book/story. One thing that I didn’t agree on which was killing Eddard Stark, that was just difficult to digest but I guess that what made this book amazing.

Can’t wait to start reading the 2nd book

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Game of Thrones (Song of Ice & Fire) Book 1

  1. Dalal

    when ur done with them… read the chronicles of Dunk and Egg.. also for George RR, (Pre Modern westeros era) ❤

    • Will def do nshallah but I really hope that I’ll finish book 2 & 3 this year because the more you read the more it seems that you’ve read nothing :/

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