Sapanca/Masukiye Roud Trip-Istanbul


These 2 places were on my mind for a long time. I keep listening to people talking about how beautiful the scenery there and the weather is really cool ext. So, we’ve decided to visit them. We’ve arranged with our driver to pick us up from our apartment and take us there. The trip took us around 4 hrs from our place.

We had a quick stop at the gas station where we bought some snacks and coffee and then completed our way.

We reached Sapanca around 1pm, it was burning hot :S We didn’t expect it to be like that but I guess it was the season where the weather is sometimes hot and sometimes cool. We walked a bit, took some photos, drank smoothies and then we headed to Naturkoy.

Naturkoy was a restaurant in the middle of woods, a mini river and tiny waterfalls. The weather there was really cool and the breeze was so beautiful. It was better than Sapanca. We had lunch there and the food was really delicious. Loved the tables and where we were seated and had our lunch. Totally worth it.

Then we headed to Masukiya. The weather there became cooler and cooler. So many cafes and restaurants were on the top of the mountain, some were next to river bank. Extremely mind blowing. I just wanted to sit there for hours looking at the water coming down and doing nothing. I had 3 cups of Turkish coffee 🙂

I loved Masukiya more than Sapanca but maybe Sapanca had to be visited in a colder season.
















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