Crumbs Cafe Experience – Murouj Sahara


I received an invitation from Crumbs cafe to visit their newly opened branch in Murouj Sahara & try their menu. Now, we all know that Crumbs are famous for their delicious cakes and desserts creations, we’ve never though they’d open a cafe, but they did.

We went there for lunch and mashallah it was almost full house. The place was crowded. We started our day with smoothies/Juices. I ordered the Pina colada which was really good and refreshing and my husband got the Snapchat cocktail which he liked.

Then we tried the Chicken Caesar Salad, it was good. And after that the dishes started coming. Everything was good and yummy, but are they suitable for lunch or dinner? Yes, if you’re planning to have a light dish. But if you’re hungry and want to have a decent meal, then the meals on the menu won’t satisfy your tummy.

I loved the Portabello Mushroom with Goat Cheese, it was really amazing. Highly recommended. Also the Sweet Potato Cubes. Everything turned out to be good.

Oh and the Grilled Salmon, beyond amazing (good for those who are on diet).

The end was with the Strawberry Trifle, Arabic Coffee and Chocolate Balls *yum yum*

Thank you Crumbs Cafe and wish you all the best 🙂












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