Book Review: One Hundred Names


I honestly can’t believe that Cecelia Ahern wrote a book like this! I’ve wasted my time on a pointless book.

I loved all the books I’ve read for Cecelia Ahern. She is a brilliant author. But in this book, she failed to capture my attention or taste.

The book starts with a great beginning. I mean really great, it captures your attention from the very beginning. But then, I felt bored reading the book and finding nothing to that great story related to the 100 names. In fact there was no story at all, I kept on reading and reading hoping there will be something WOW. And when we get to know that the main character Kitty finally finds out the link between the 100 names, guess what? Again there’s nothing :/

Pointless and I’m really disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: One Hundred Names

  1. For some reason I believe that Cecelia Ahern is one book author everything else she published after PS. I love you sucks ..

    • Nothing will ever beat P.S. I Love You, I’ve read other books that were good but this one was beyond bad!

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