Book Review: After You


I’ve been waiting for this book for a very long time and couldn’t believe it when I saw it on a bookstore shelf before its official worldwide release, I bought and started reading it. Now, I’m going to comment first on why people were so upset with this book? I really thought I was going to read an awfully written sequence but it was the opposite. And actually, you can’t call it a sequence but more like a CLOSURE to Lou’s life. This book gives a reasonable ending to Lou’s life. To be honest, Lou wasn’t going to have a REAL life with Will because of his disability, even if she loved him and remained loving him, he had to die in the first book so Lou can have a normal life. It was tragic yes, but very reasonable.

Moving on to After You. As I said this book is a closure to Lou’s life after Will. We see her dealing with his loss in a very messy way, being scared of new feelings and dealing with Will’s problems even after his death. Which I feel it was irrelevant to the story. Why give Will a daughter he didn’t know about and make Lou deal with his and her mess?! That I couldn’t understand and kind of didn’t like.

I loved Sam’s character all, I actually fell in love with him too (can’t wait to see this book as a movie). Donna his partner is such an entertaining character. Lou herself is still witty and funny even though she can be a little frustrating with all her sadness and so but that’s a normal thing.

I loved this book. It made me laugh, be angry, and happy at the end šŸ™‚

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