Keif Cafe Experience-The Gate Mall


Last month, I was given the opportunity to try some of the dishes of Keif Cafe located in The Gate Mall. Honestly, I rarely visit The Gate because it’s kind of far away from my place therefore I’m not up to date of what has opened over there. I took the chance to try the place and explore the whole mall.

I loved the location of the place, in the ground floor next to other cafes. The place is very spacious and the sun is just right above it. I love cafe and restaurants that has a lot of sun light.

We were welcomed by the star and given a brief introduction about the place. It has this Kuwait/Arabian style in some of its dishes and theme. The decoration of the place is filled with Arabic Coffee Dallah. Loved them a lot, so colourful and gave the place its signature look.

We tried Dates Rocca Salad (delicious) and Beef Stroganoff (LOVED IT). The Chicken Pasta was a bit over cooked but okay. The Red Velvet Crepe was beyond amazing (RECOMMENDED) and the Gers Egaily Pudding was very heavy (Some people might like it).

Their Keif Arabian Coffee is really good. Loved the tables of the coffee where they put the Dallah on the special sand to keep it heated.

All in all, it was a very nice experience, and we went to visit the place for its amazing Arabian coffee.

Thank you Keif Cafe ❤
















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