Talise Spa Experience @JumeirahMB


Last Wednesday I stayed at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa for one night and it was a great experience. Loved everything from check in to check out. Before checking out, I put Jana to bed with her father and then headed to Talise Spa around 10 am. I managed to find a booking around 11am because I called them around 8pm the night before and they’ve informed me that it was closed. So I just went in there and tried to find a booking and I did, than to Carole who managed to squeeze me in 🙂

The good thing about Talise Spa is that if you choose a 55 minutes treatment, you get to use the spa facilities all for free, like the Himalayan Salt room, Sauna room, Snow room, hydrotherapy pool and so many other rooms available in the the spa.

Now let me tell you about my experience from the moment I went inside til I left the place. I spent around 3hrs and trust me it wasn’t enough at all!


Carole from the Marketing department welcomed me with an infused cup of water and gave me a tour around the place. They also sell some great products at the spa.


Some of the products they sell.

The changing room with lockers looked so beautiful and elegant. Each locker has everything you need.


The chandelier


The showers


The changing rooms curtains are all hand painted. So beautiful.


I started my spa journey at the Himalayan Salt room which looked beyond relaxing and beautiful. I spent 30 minutes there and it wasn’t enough. I slept and it felt like I had a very long nap. The water beds were so comfy.


Then I stayed at the treatment by colours room for around 10 minutes and it was fun, I kept rocking the chair lol


After that I went to my treatment room where i had Balinese Massage. It was so good, and my specialist was really great and had strong hands. She recommended another treatment for me net time.

I liked how she knew what I did for a living from the pain in my body. From the very first 5 minutes she asked me “Are you a teacher?” And I was like “How did you know?” And she explained from the points of pain I’m feeling in my body.


After my so-relaxing massage, they took me to the relaxation room where they served me organic ginger tea with dried fruits.


The blue room where all the fun begins 😀


Cute chair 🙂


The hydrotherapy pool. I loved it. It has many treatments for the waist, back, neck and thighs. I tried it for 10 minutes and it was so much fun.


Another treatment in the pool which I haven’t tried but nshallah next time.


The Sauna room, I stayed there for 10 minutes. I loved how they took care of everything. A person from the spa will take care of you from the moment you walk in til you get out and she’ll be around you if you need anything. She will come and tell you that your time is up if you tell her to come after 10 or 15 minutes. I asked her to come after 10 minutes and she did.


After that I went to the Steam room for 5 minutes and then off to the Snow room to cool my body. It was really cold but felt so good, 1 minute was more than enough.


The spa is really big and it has so many rooms.


This passage leads to the suites for couples which are really expensive.


Suite No. 1 has a Jacuzzi.


Suite No. 2 has a Himalayan Salt room

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2 thoughts on “Talise Spa Experience @JumeirahMB

  1. Looks amazing ! You think it’s better than Spatime in terms of the massage itself ? The place looks really nice and makes me wanna try it…

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