Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel Family Vacation


Last week, I’ve decided to surprise the family and get away from everyday life and just enjoy our time away from our daily routine. I booked one night at Jumeirah Messilah Beach which looked very suitable for a family with a toddler aged almost 3 years old. I wanted to take my husband away from all the troubles of his work and Jana to enjoy the beach and pool activities.

One might think that one night is not enough but to me it was hehe 😛 I got very tired going after Jana and looking after her in the heat under the burning sun while she enjoyed her time in the kids pool. Yes, it was worth it looking at that big huge smile on her face running and screaming out of joy but you know, I had my limits so one night was great.

We had an early check in around 1:30pm. Took our luggage to our room in the 2nd floor, changed and went to Olio to have lunch there (previous post). While we were heading to Olio, we passed by the swimming pools and Jana went crazy. We finished lunch, headed upstairs to change and then we went downstairs again where Jana had all the fun in the world. She didn’t want to leave that pool at all. It was lots of fun with all the splashing and games. I enjoyed watching her have fun.

We got out of the pool around 5:30pm, changed for her and she fell asleep til 7:30pm. We had light dinner at Mint Cafe near the blue fountain and then we went to Sindbad’s Kids Club where you can leave your kids to have fun if they are 5yrs and above or accompanied by someone if they are younger. I stayed with Jana for 30 minutes or so because later we had other arrangements.

The weather became nice around 12am so we got our snacks and we stayed in the garden til 2am. Hubs and I chatting while Jana ran around. It was nice.

The breakfast buffet opened at 6:15am and we were there around 6:20am because we couldn’t sleep and we were very hungry. The variety of food was really good and the food was really delicious. They also had great choices of cereals for kids and Nutella milk to add on. I chose that for Jana which she loved a lot. And then we went to the pool around 7:30am lol 😛

After that, I took her the room, gave her a shower and off to bed. Then I headed to Talise Spa to enjoy my time (next post).

Now regarding the room, we got the regular one which accommodates 2 persons and 1 child up to 4yrs. It was decent and spacious. Loved the bathroom, kinda big and had everything in it. The room had a coffee machine with coffee and tea capsules, safety box and the bed was really comfy.


















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