The Gathering Bistro New Branch-Sea View


A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from the lovely people of @GatheringKW restaurant to visit their new branch which has opened recently in Abu Halifa-Seas View just next to Kuwait Magic Mall and try their delicious food.

We went on a Monday evening and the place was really quiet and serene. Not so many people invading the cafes and restaurants yet.

As it was quite hot, we were seated indoors and the lightening was really perfect for some food photoshoot 🙂

We ordered Mini Beef Tacos and Ice Cream Parmesan Salad for starters. I’ve already talked about the salad in my previous posts but the Mini Tacos were really something good and delicious to enjoy before a hearty meal but know that they’re quite heavy. We also ordered Chips ‘n Cheese which was delicious but also very heavy for a starter.

Then the main courses were Steak Fillet and Mozzarella Chicken Burger. We loved both of them very much but the Mozzarella Chicken Burger was a WINNER. Highly Recommended.

As for the branch itself. It’s nit bigger than the one in Salhiya but it’s somehow it’s more relaxing and soothing as it’s not a crowded area as I said yet.









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