Original Doner Experience


How many Doner places do we have in Kuwait now? Yes, they’re spreading very fast and I’m very happy to know that we’re having new Doner restaurants opening in the country because Boy you can’t get enough of this Turkish German Style Doner.

I’ve received 4 meals for 2 persons (which is a lot) to try with my husband. Beef & chicken diner sandwiches both in san and pita bread. Now, I loved the the beef diner in pita bread and it was really good and delicious. The sauce was rich and creamy not to mention the other ingredients completed the whole deliciousness.

As for my husband, he loved the chicken diner in san bread and thought it was lighter than the beef and pita bread. So both were really good and won our satisfaction. I loved how their fries were cut. They were chubby and cute, sprinkled with paprika I guess.

On the same day, my husband recommended the place for his colleagues at work and they ordered from them. The whole staff loved the doner and said it was delicious.

Order from them and try their doner sandwiches.





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2 thoughts on “Original Doner Experience

  1. The Iskeneder also looks yummy ! I will order it this week.

    I once tried a Doner place (Called German Goner or something) in Salmiya (Restaurants street- Shaare Mataaem) and I didn’t like it at all… doner at Emirgan Sutis or Cosebasi in the Avenues was much better…

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