Caramel Praline Biscuits @DallahKuwait


As I mention in every post related to Dallah’s new additions to the menu. They don’t have anything ordinary. Everything they do or make is really either WOW or DELICIOUS. And that happens every often. I love what they do and how they can be creative in doing it. Sometimes you think this is just simple but their ingredients or the way they present their food makes it special.

In this post we’re talking about their Caramel Praline Biscuits. They’re delicious, yummy, light, and they melt smoothly in your tongue. Truest me when I tell you that one is never enough with this dessert. The box contains 24 pieces but you’ll find them gone in no time. It makes the prefect dessert for an afternoon relaxation with a decent cup of coffee or for a nice mini gathering with your friends or family.

Thank you Dallah ❤






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One thought on “Caramel Praline Biscuits @DallahKuwait

  1. Mmmm, they LOOK melt-in-your-mouth. Delicious.

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