Zain Bloggers Dinner


It has been a while since we’ve all gathered to have just dinner and talk remembering the good old days. Zain Kuwait organised a dinner for only the old bloggers who are still writing and those are really few.

It was set to be in Pinxtos in Alseef strip which I rare go to because of the parking but this day it was totally worth it. We arrived there around 7pm and the whole night became a success.

There was music being played by a band called Hashtag. Loved their voices and the songs they played. The food started coming in and because it was dark, I brought my Kick flashlight with me and it was magical.

The food was really good and delicious. Talking with old bloggers was really nice. I really had a great time.

Thank you Zain Kuwait











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9 thoughts on “Zain Bloggers Dinner

  1. Been blogging since 2004. Never once had an invite from Zain. Looks like fun though.

  2. Started blogging only in 2014 ! Am I still invited ?

    • Lol I am not “Old” enough haha…

    • We have been blogging since 2009 and some of us since 2006 πŸ˜‰ So you’re a newbie πŸ˜›

      • Hahaha I guess… or maybe I needed “wasta” or something … That would have worked for sure

      • hhmmm well I dunno about you but know for sure there was no such thing as wasta in our years of blogging and it doesn’t exist in our community.

      • I was just kidding lol. By the way wasta can also be refered to as “relashionship”, and relashionship is power everywhere … So it’s not nessesary always a bad thing πŸ˜‰

  3. Desert Girl

    Swera – sorry, but I call bullshit on your last comment. Fee wastah.

    • You could have used better language that shows you’re not angry or upset and envying other bloggers. I won’t reply because I don’t speak your LANGUAGE.

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