Khameer Experience for Breakfast


I’ve been looking at this instagram account for a couple of months now and I’ve always wanted to order from them ever since. The food looked so delicious and the presentation of the breakfast tray looked so elegant and chic.

I’m talking about @Khameer_ account who makes delicious delicious Tabdoon bread. The reason I didn’t order from them before is because the tray looked os big for few persons.

Last week, we had an occasion at school. A beloved teacher was returning back to school after 2 months break for giving birth to a lovely baby boy. So we teachers decided to give her a welcome back breakfast and I suggested we order from @Khameer_.

We ordered the large breakfast tray that comes with plain tabdoon bread and some spreads and fillings. And we also ordered 1 dozen from the tabdoon bread with fillings. We ordered 6 pieces goat cheese tabdoon and 6 pieces fig cheese tabdoon.

Everything was more than perfect. We loved everything about it and it was more than enough. In fact, we kept eating from it for 2 days. It was so delicious, fresh and yummy. But I gotta say that the tabdoon bread was kinda heavy. Oh who cares. It was delicious.

Order the breakfast tray and you won’t regret it 🙂








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