Welldone by Midpoint Experience-Istanbul


Just before going to the airport, I wanted to visit one place that I had on my list in this short trip. I’ve heard and seen a lot about Zorlu Centre-Istanbul. So we decided to end my last day in Istanbul there (I was returning back alone). We arrived there around 4pm and we were very hungry because we didn’t have a decent breakfast due to furnishing and other house chores.

We saw the first restaurant in front of us and we went inside without even checking the name 😀 yes, we were THAT hungry.

The decoration of the place looked beyond chick and elegant, modern and beautiful, colourful and full of life. We wanted to sit outdoors because the weather was really beautiful that day but it was full so we sat inside and we started exploring the menu. They had, Italian, American, Turkish and other cuisines. The variety of dishes was really good. We had from each cuisine a dish 🙂

We chose Iskender Kabab served on eggplants, Welldone Steak, Caramelised Onion Pizza and the appetiser was fried Goat Cheese served on a bed of apples with raspberry/strawberry balsamic sauce. The fried goat cheese combination with apples, balsamic and raspberry sauce was beyond amazing *Sigh* A killer and we finished it in seconds. The Iskender Kabab was the winner after the goat cheese. So tender, moist and DELICIOUS, not to mention the dressing and the eggplant sauce. The pizza was really good and light, the steak was also so good and yummy. We loved everything about the whole place and I’d visit it again to try other dishes from their menu.

It is located in Zorlu Centre.




Fried Goat Cheese


A closer look 😀


The Steak


Caramelised Onion Pizza


Iskender Kabab


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2 thoughts on “Welldone by Midpoint Experience-Istanbul

  1. Raw

    Dear swera , places you recommend in istanbul other than the known attractions .

    • I’d recommend visiting Abant which 4hrs from Istanbul and staying there for a couple of days. Visit Maşukiye which is a very nice place to have lunch or drink tea in then head to Sabanca, around 2hrs away from Istanbul. Ortakoy street is really nice at night. You can enjoy walking in Bebek, a very chic area to explore. I once visited Cappadocia by plane and had a nice tour there for a whole day and then came back to Istanbul on the same day at night (Search Cappadocia in the blog). I love Nisantasi street.

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