HuXo Experience-Akbati Residence-Istanbul


The purpose of my last short trip to Istanbul was to buy furniture for our apartment. My family bought an apartment last January in Akbati residence, which is a huge new compound after Behceseher area, and it is highly secured that it’s completely safe to walk in the compound after midnight. Many cafes, restaurants, bars, grocery shops, tailors, salons and a cute mall called Akbati Mall surround the compound itself. All that is just within feet from our apartment.

On a very busy tiring day, after we’ve finished cleaning, washing, arranging dishes and stuff in the apartment, we wanted to have lunch asap at 6pm (We haven’t eaten anything all day, imagine!). I looked from our balcony in the apartment and suggested we try the restaurant at the corner and everybody said yes.

The place looked so modern and chic that you’d think you’d have to pay a lot of money just for a couple of dishes but that was totally the opposite. The staff was very welcoming, one of them spoke Arabic so it wasn’t a problem dealing with them in English as not all of them speak English very well. We choose our table, it was almost empty because at 6pm nobody eats lunch or dinner, it usually gets crowded after 8pm til midnight.

We ordered Salmon Bruschetta Salad which came to be a huge dish and unexpected. Salmon Pasta, Grilled Salmon and a Burger dish (most of our dishes had salmon). Loved the Bruschetta A LOT, it was huge, satisfying and fulfilling. The pieces of salmon were very satisfying unlike some restaurants, they bring small little pieces of smoked salmon and that’s it. The salmon past was also so nice and delicious, creamy and tasty. My grandma loved her grilled salmon that she ate it all and didn’t share lol. My aunt said the burger was cooked to perfection and that it was delicious. We all loved our dishes and didn’t complain about anything. The bill came out to be around KD 20 which is very reasonable.

 I’d visit the place again when I’m in town next time to try other dishes.










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