Hanedan Balik Experience-Istanbul


It was seafood kind of a day, so we asked our driver to take us to a really good seafood restaurant and boy he did take to a very good and fancy seafood place. We wanted to sit outdoors because the weather was really beautiful that day, rainy and not that cold.

 It’s not a regular restaurant that you can wear anything to it and just head there. It’s very fancy and high class that almost everyone was wearing dresses and suits but who cares anyway 😉

We chose 3 kinds of appetizers, and my favourite is the stuffed mussels yum yum, 6 pieces of grilled jumbo prawns and 1 kilo of grilled seabass fish. Just that came around KD 60. The price doesn’t make sense at all but it was a new experience and the food tasted really really good but I wouldn’t go back to the place because I’d find the same kind of food for a lesser price.

If you’re going there as a couple then go ahead and try it, the romantic atmosphere will make you happy 😉 but if you have kids or elderlies, then I wouldn’t recommend the place for them.





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2 thoughts on “Hanedan Balik Experience-Istanbul

  1. Mo

    “We chose 3 kinds of appetizers”??!! I see around 12-14 appetizers 🙂 saha wa hana looks delicious

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