Haskral Hatay Sofrasi-Istanbul مطعم الملك-اسطنبول


This restaurant was recommended by so many people and a lot instagramed about it and said it serves good Turkish food. I don’t like going to place where I see a lot of Kuwaitis and people from the region when I’m travelling but I wanted to visit this place to try the food and it was totally worth it.

We arrived around 6pm and it was crowded mashallah and by 7pm it became full house and a waiting list started. All waiters speak Arabic, so it wasn’t a problem dealing with them.

I wanted to try the dish that is cooked inside salt and presented to your table with flames 😀 That dish turned out to be REALLY delicious and was worth the wait (took 30 minutes to cook). I loved it and I’m recommending it to my friends and family who are going there, eat it with their fresh yogurt, yum yum. We also ordered pistachio kabab, amazzzzing. Just imagine pistachio and kebab yum yum. Their appetisers were also good. Loved the whole experience and would go there again when I’m in Istanbul soon.

من المطاعم المشهوره وايد في اسطنبول و دايما يروحون لها الخليجيين و اكثرهم كويتيين سعوديين و اماراتيين. نادر ماتلاقون اتراك بهالمكان. انا عن نفسي ما احب ازور مكان بسفره معينه فيه خليجيين بس الكل مدح هالمطعم و كان خاطري اجربه. ماشاء الله زحمه بشكل مو طبيعي بس الخدمه عندهم سريعه و حلوه و اكلهم نظيف و لذيذ جدا. انصحكم تطلبون اكتاف اللحم المطبوخه بطبقة الملح، الطبق ياخذ تقريبا نصف ساعه. قعدوا اكلوا بالمزات شويه و ريحوا على مايوصل الطلب لانه صج يستاهل النطره و اكلوه مع روبهم. و هم بعد انصحكم تطلبون الكباب بالفستق جدا جدا رائع








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