For A Greener World @KidzaniaKuwait


This is the 2nd Annual Celebration of “For A Greener World” program that is held in Kidzania and in collaboration with several companies from Kuwait.

The program is supposed to teach and train children on how to save the environment, save energy and take care of our world through workshops, games and art.

Jana & I received an invitation to go and explore the new theme and the decoration. I love how they turn the place upside down, a total makeover takes place whenever they have a new theme or program. Last time it was winter, this time it was all spring and green. Colours were surrounding the place, flowers, water and so many more.

There was also a place just for recycled item from tires which was really cute and nice. I loved the whole atmosphere and the purpose of this program. Of course Jana couldn’t attend one of these workshops because she’s too young to understand and she got very grumpy because it was a very crowded day mashallah.

This time, Jana went to the colouring place once we entered. She started saying “Alwan, alwan” (colours) and was pointing at the art shop place. She remembered. She enjoyed colouring and painting for 15 minutes. Then she wanted to ride the fire truck and we had to wait 30 minutes :/ but it was worth it coz she had lots of fun.

“For a Greener World” program is until the 2nd of May. Check their instagram account @kidzaniaKuwait for workshops info and take your kids to have fun and enjoy something new.












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