Aşşk Kahve Experience-Istanbul


I’ve heard a lot about this cute little cafe facing the Bosporus and I really wanted to try so badly in this very short trip. I didn’t want to go back home without trying it and telling everyone about it.

We went there around 11am on Friday morning and I was so worried that we won’t have a table to sit on and enjoy their delicious breakfast. To my surprise, we found a table in the garden but not close the sea, well who cares as long as I’m enjoying the lovely weather and food (next time I’m going their very early).

We started with chay til they prepare our order. Our order was; cheese platter, thick cream (qesh’ta) with honey, own fried halloumi cheese, olives, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, 2 eggs in a clay pan, fas (the reddish egg in the clay pan) and bread basket that comes as a compliment and is refilled whenever you want.

I LOVED the Fas eggs, so creamy, tangy and delicious. A must try. Their cheeses were beyond amazing, they have so many delicious kinds of cheeses that you want to try them all but unfortunately my stomach can hold little food these days 😛 but anyways, i took them as a takeaway and tried them later on in the car 😀

The price was ok, but totally worth it for such amazing food. The atmosphere was so nice, birds were singing, trees were dancing and people were eating and listening 😀 Oh how I’m missing this place right now.

If you’re visiting Turkey anytime soon, try this place for BREAKFAST only.







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