Fatih Wednesday Bazaar-Istanbul


On my short trip to Istanbul, we’ve managed to pass by Fatih Wednesday Bazaar or Market which opens only on Wednesdays of course and it’s next to Fatih Cami/Mosque. There you can find whatever you want in cheap prices. Of course the quality won’t be THAT good but some things are worth buying. Like for example; I got shoes for work for a very cheap price around 4KD per pair, which is good for work. As a teacher, my shoes are ruined very easily and after 1 year of using them I throw them because they’ve been used to the max 😀 so these kinds of shoes from such market and for this price are good for those who spend their time at work walking and going from place to another. You can also get towels, blankets, kids clothes, nuts, dried fruit and other things.

What I liked about this market is the old genuine people of Istanbul chatting with you in Turkish and laughing even though you don’t comprehend every word they say but sometimes we manage to understand or pick a word or 2.

There are chairs all over the place for you to rest on when you’re tired and drink chay in the lovely whether while you watch people pass by or buy their thing.

The spirit, the atmosphere, the whole are is full of vividness and happiness. I loved the place a lot and it’s fun just walking around it even if you don’t want to buy anything.




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