Istanbul In The Morning اسطنبول الصبح‎


I’ve just arrived back home from a very short trip to one of my favourite city Istanbul. This wasn’t my first visit, actually it was my 3rd and even though I know every place in this city, I discovered new and amazing places in this visit. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun. I went with my aunt and grandmother to buy furniture for the apartment we’ve just purchased 2 months ago in Akbati Residence. It was a very tiring trip but in the same time, we had so much fun.

Now, let’s talk about Istanbul in the morning. What are the places that you can enjoy in the morning. Well, my favourite place is Sultan Ahmet area where you spend your entire day exploring the area. You can go to The Blue Mosque, Aaya Sofia, Topkabi Palace, Basilica Cistern, The Grand Bazaar, The Masry Bazaar (make sure to buy Turkish coffee from Mehmet Afendi), eat in their famous restaurants,  Khorasani is one of the best restaurants which I’ve tried 2 years ago and wrote about it on the blog.

Also you can go to Istiklal road and enjoy walking their, feeding the pigeons and buying some fresh flowers from the sellers in the streets. Enjoy a cup of coffee in one of their lovely cafes or a cup of tea=chay.

You can also enjoy shopping in their huge malls such as; Historia Mall, Zorlu Centre, Mall of Istanbul, Akmerkiz, Kanyon Mall and Trump Tower Mall. I loved Zorlu and Mall of Istanbul a lot.

اسطنبول مدينه شرحه و ونيسه و جوها وايد حلو خصوصا هالاشهر. افضل اماكن تروحولها الصبح و تقضون وقت فيها منطقة سلطان احمد. فيها وايد اشياء تقدرون تسوونها بهالمنطقه: المسجد الازرق، ايا صوفيا، قصر توبكابي، باسيلجا سيسترن (المدينه اللي تحت الارض) الجراند بازار (السوق المسقف) و السوق المصري (اشتروا قهوع تركيه من محمد افندي). و قعدوا بمطاعمهم المشهوره باكلهم التركي الناطع و احسنهم بالنسبه لي و عن تجربه مطعم خوراساني.
و روحوا تمشوا الصبح في شارع استقلال وااايد شرخ الصبح. وكلوا الحمام و اشتروا ورد فريش من البياعين عند ساحة الحمام. المنظر يرد الروح.
و في مجمعات حلوه تاسوقون فيها الصبح منهم: اكمركيز، هيستوريا، زورلو، مول اوف استانبول و كانيون. اكثر شي عجبني زورلو و مول اوف استانبول 
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