Nomad Kitchen Airstream Food Truck Experience


Slider Station, Cocoa Room, Open Flame Kitchen and now Nomad Kitchen.

A 1973 airstream food truck that serves delicious and amazing food in the middle of nowhere or in certain places. This truck was created by the talented Basel Alsalem and serves some famous and special dishes to the public. It moves from place to place and you find it only on weekends.

I’ve been wanting to try it ever since I’ve known about it from instagram but I couldn’t go to Bnaider 267 road where it serves food on Friday and Saturday. And when I had the chance to go to Bnaider, the truck wasn’t there 😦 I was really disappointed.

Last week, I came to know that they’ll be serving their delicious food at GulfRun festival which was held in collaboration with KidsVille carnival at Sirbb Circuit. I’ve never been there before but it wasn’t difficult to find. Too Jana around 4pm and when we reached there, the place was kind of quiet. I kept searching and looking for the truck and there it was intront of my own eyes. It has been a very long chase.

Went immediately to check the menu even though I knew what I wanted to order but I had to see what they served on that day. Delicious food. I wanted to order the whole menu but unfortunately I couldn’t. So i decided to order their famous signature dishes. The Srirarcha Glazed Lobster Rolls & Rockin’ Shrimps with Hot Honey Glazed Sauce.


You have to try their food if you haven’t yet. Follow them on instagram to check the mazing photos of their dishes @NomadKitchen








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