Salt Fine Dining at @Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel


Last week, I received an invitation from the Marketing Department of Jumeirah Messila Beach Hotel to attend the re-opening of Salt restaurant and try their new menu. If you remember my first post about the hotel Read Here which was 2 years ago when it first opened its doors to the public and we were all fascinated about the decoration, the rooms, the lobby and everything related to it.

Now, imagine how would the restaurants look like if the hotel was like that!

I’ve heard a lot about Salt and wanted to try it so many times but I couldn’t or time wasn’t in my favour. But when the opportunity came, I really wanted to make time for such event.

Husband and I arrived on time and we were greeted by the lovely ladies from the Marketing Team Carole, Laila & Amna. All were so sweet & nice. The waiter welcomed us with non-alcoholic Champagne and we started chatting for a bit.

Then a short speech from the Chef and the GM. There was a display of some of their dishes which we tried some of them, not all of course.

The food was superb, loved the Lobster Butter, it was fabulous. The Salmon Salad was really light and full of flavour. The steak so moist and melts in your mouth not to mention the seafood platter. Jumbo shrimps were grilled to perfection.

The desserts were really good. Fresh fruit, coffee molten cake, macaroons and so many.

Loved everything about the place.







Red Wine


Salmon Salad & Green Salad with Mini Mozzarella Cheese




Delicious Steak platter, Beef with black sauce and vegetables, Seafood Koskosi (Moroccan)and Seafood Platter


Seafood Platter


Highly Recommended


Jumbo Prawns


Desserts are served


The Fruit 😀


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